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Sunday, April 24, 2005; Page P08

New York Dining

I LOVED the guide to dining in New York ["10 From Tom," April 17], but I'd like to see other cities get the same treatment. Specifically, Chicago. I would love some suggestions for a romantic but moderately priced restaurant and a family-friendly (really infant-friendly) place for an early dinner.

Nancy Clusen

Silver Spring

Travel staff writer and frequent Chicago visitor Gary Lee recommends Frontera Grille (445 N. Clark St., 312-661-1434, www. fronterakitchens.com) as a good family-friendly restaurant. For a romantic dinner he likes Tru (676 N. Saint Clair, 312-202-0001, www.trurestaurant.com), although it's more high-end than moderate.

New Orleans

YOUR ARTICLE on New Orleans ["Skip the Beads, Hold the Bourbon," April 10] was one of the best I have seen. I took issue with a couple of things, but understand that you could not stay in the city for three to four weeks to get a truer grasp of the best in each of your categories.

Nevertheless, it was extremely well done, honest and thorough, and a true reference for anyone planning to visit the city.

John Douglas


WHAT A TREAT to come back from New Orleans and read an accurate travel article about the city! I grew up there and go home a few times a year. We always go to Joey K's (fried artichokes are the best) and Franky & Johnny's (get the stuffed artichokes). One place not mentioned was Camellia Grill, which is where St. Charles and South Carrollton avenues meet. It's way uptown, right on the streetcar line. There are usually lines out the door.

I always tell people to go to these places, but they get stuck in the French Quarter as most tourists do. Going to New Orleans and seeing only the French Quarter is like coming to Washington and seeing only Georgetown.

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