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Mechanicsburg, Pa.

EXCELLENT STORY on undiscovered New Orleans restaurants ["Beans 'N the Hood," April 10]. Thought your readers might like to know about one other place that was not on your list: a little dive called Mother's (401 Poydras St., www.mothersrestaurant.net). It's more of a cafeteria than a formal sit-down restaurant, and it's known for its fresh-carved roast beef sandwiches. They collect the pan drippings, called "debris," and pour them over the sandwich. Excellent with a cold draft beer.

Mitch Katz


I WAS horrified to read that Robert Kaiser suggested tourists visit the Treme. My first reaction was, "Is he trying to get people killed?" Treme is a dangerous, high-crime part of New Orleans. Tourists should not walk through that area. Drive through it if you must, but do not walk through it.

Keith Gibbons


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