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Montgomery Home Sales

Derwood Area

BOWIE MILL RD., 18103-Sara and Paul Arey to Lisa M. Freels, $310,000.

CLIFFBOURNE LANE, 17900-Priscilla B. Durkin to Leticia D. Salamanca, $431,000.

GRANDE VISTA DR., 16312-Robert G. and T.M. Scully to Paula M. and Richard A. Velez, $430,500.

PILGRIMS COVE, 6516-Teresa K. and D.J. McKenna to Nivritt Bonarji and Amrita Singh, $475,000.

POTTERS MILL CT., 7804-John T. and L.S. Gallahan to Ann E. and Daniel L. Gallahan, $400,000.

REDLAND RD., 17504-Charles C. and Irene R. Read to Joy A. Parisi and William H. Dobson, $399,500.

ROSLYN AVE., 7121-Philip H. and A.B. Sload to Lois E. and Eric N. Raphael, $432,000.

WATER WHEEL CT., 5309-Alieh M. Nasseri to Rosa and Ahmad Poustinchi, $350,000.

Dickerson Area

OLD HUNDRED RD., 23710-Annie C. Cooley to Ann F. and Eric L. Bauer, $307,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ALLISTON HOLLOW WAY, 8946-Lori L. Launi to Juana F. Arevalo and Marcos Arriola, $409,000.

BEACON HILL TERR., 519-Heather and Rodney C. Blake to Mathew J. Toomey, $380,000.

BELL BLUFF RD., 20613-Donald L. May Jr. to Stephan A. and Kim A. Roth, $599,000.

BIG ACRE SQ., 19, No. 20-1-David J. and B.L. Rutherford to Rocely and Mario E. Espino, $291,000.

BLUE HERON LANE, 18921-Robert F. Burden to Donna J. and Craig R. Knight, $386,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19434-Christina L. and Scott A. Birdsong to Andres F. Gutierrez, $195,000.

BRIGHTON DR., 2-G.M. and Richard C. McClain to Richard C. McClain II, $340,000.

BRISTOL DOWNS DR., 219-William R. and A. Nirote to Bridget and Mohamed Jalloh, $550,000.

CAPE JASMINE WAY, 18438-Gurmeet K. and Mohinderpal S. Kanwal to Kadiatou Diallo, $460,000.

CARRIAGE WALK CIR., 18632-James M. and B.C. McCarthy to Matthew M. and Nicole Roy, $354,900.

CARRINGTON HILL DR., 12551-Robert B. and C.B. Gemmill to Shi Fen and Hung Yu Lin, $638,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9000-Juan C. Navarrete to Marlene Esperanza Morales and William A. Cruz, $284,000.

CHAGALL DR., 12319-Brian H. and L.D. Johnston to Hui Wen Cheng and Joseph T. Holahan, $633,883.

CHELABERRY CT., 8107-Erwin L. Vargas to Keeshia V. and Christopher J. Jenkins, $310,000.

CHESTNUT RIDGE CT., 14920-Joseph F. and M.A. King to Sherri L. and Bruce L. Steinberg, $465,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 411, No. 74-Richard D. Kornblum to Terry S. Lowe, $173,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 431, No. 71-John W. and O.G. Jerome to Mandy Goodman and John D. Hunsaker, $195,000.

CLOVER MEADOW PL., 19130-Karen S. Smith to Pamela James, $295,000.

CORAL REEF DR., 604-Phillip J. Silberman to Patricia Escobbar, $315,000.

CORAL REEF DR., 641-Joseph A. Msays to Winyen Yu, $314,000.

CRESTED IRIS CT., 31-Blair G. McMillen to Gregory P. Awbrey, $211,500.

CRICKET HILL DR., 17805-James L. and C.R. Landino to Charles Fernandez and Isabelle T. Bisceglio, $650,000.

DAIRYTON CT., 9814-Nancy J. Heron to Seth Brenner, $297,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 434, No. 9-Jose S. and C.E. Perdomo to Concepcion and Jose G. Rojas, $250,000.

DOCENA CT., 15-Douglas Brooks to Maria Diaz, $186,800.

DOCKSIDE TERR., 9811-G. and Lev Tsoi to Eric A. Holzer, $248,000.

DREXEL HILL PL., 8706-Kaveh Azmoudeh to Pierce Youngbar Jr., $267,000.

DUFIEF MILL RD., 14310-S.M. and Eugene T. Dawson III to Eric Eden, $519,900.

DUVALL LANE, 130, No. 188-T-4-Anthony M. Zeccola to Harver Bautista, $56,500.

DUVALL LANE, 130, No. 199-303-Nadav Kalai to Sandra J. Camelo and Eutimio Hernandez, $125,000.

FEATHERTREE TERR., 9801, No. 301-Wai Har J. Ng to Donna Marie Henry, $247,000.

FENCE POST CT., 18011-J.S. and Frederick K. Merkel Jr. to Alice D. Merkel, $315,000.

FERN HOLLOW WAY, 9575-Michael A. Nestor to Laura E. Lee, $280,000.

FIELDS RD., 9701, No. 204-Omar Vidal to Samaneh Eslami, $180,000.

FLAGLER DR., 853-Faramarz Farid to Leonid Zharkovsky, $318,900.

FLINTS GROVE LANE, 11508-David L. Laird to Sarah S. and Gary D. Lesser, $649,000.

FLOWER HILL WAY, 18804-C.A. and Thomas R. Bissell Jr. to Jo A. Spear, $420,000.

GALESVILLE CT., 17-Ronald E. and A.H. Meininger to Veronica and Francisco Chavez, $599,000.

GIRARD ST., 416, No. 100-Joseph A. and G. Cooke to Stefania Z. and Vincent S. Luddy, $130,000.

GUILDBERRY CT., 7802, No. 301-Mohamed L. Sallh to Sunmi and Sang I. Lee, $140,000.

GUILDBERRY CT., 7804, No. 304-Richard E. Woodward to William Young, $144,500.

HELLINGLY PL., 10000, No. 240-Claire S. Cooper to Mojdeh Bahar and B.D. Nejand, $154,250.

KELSO TERR., 8602-Karen A. McQuay to Juan C. Mercado, $290,000.

KINGS GRANT ST., 14500-Samuel Wei Liu to Lei Shen, $508,888.

LA BELLE LANE, 9216-Rodrigo Olaya to Amy and Bradley Lawrence, $259,900.

LAZY HOLLOW DR., 101-Ming Chen to Mi Kyung and Su Gil Jeong, $317,000.

LONGPOINT WAY, 120-Rupert A. Leray to Adrian Soane and Kathleen M. Larkin Soane, $450,000.

MARKET ST. E., 817-Thomas K. and Brenda M. Schwartzbeck to Jennifer and Gregory Flynn, $555,000.

MIDDLE POINT CT., 116-Roberto A. Guzman to Nelson Caceres, $285,000.

MIDSUMMER DR., 220-Bradley and C.E. Carter to Jennifer M. and Johathan M. Wenk, $675,000.

NAPA VALLEY RD., 23-A.K. and Anu Puri to Chithra Subramanian, $307,000.

PHILMONT DR., 533-Jun Ping Wang to Carla J. and Charles A. Ammerman, $331,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18738-Richard Moser to Graciela Cotera, $260,000.

QUERY MILL RD., 13431-Virginia O. Reece to Margaret and Walter A. Mstowski, $645,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 754, No. 202-Pamellia G. Orosz to Henry H. Yin, $175,000.

QUINCE VALLEY DR., 12236-Bahram and M.L. Kamdjou to Julia and Oleg Pahashchenko, $610,000.

RANCH LANE, 11648-H. and James A. Forbes to Eileen Lisker, $489,500.

RUSHMORE CT., 9408-Isabel and Carlos Martinez to Denise Cecilia Yrivarren, $255,000.

RUSSELL AVE., 104-Jane R. Cyphers, trustee, to Charles and Terry T. Kirtz, $570,000.

SADDLE RIVER DR., 14112-Edward A. and A.L. Kemp to Sharon D. and Teddy G. Allison, $700,000.

SAILFISH TERR., 9804-Kenneth W. Keyser to Sean Ramsour, $255,000.

SAILFISH TERR., 9850-Haifa S. and Rashad S. Aridi to Louis V. Hajimihalis, $255,000.

SAILFISH TERR., 9868-Ferdinand Munar to Pedro Rodrigues, $266,000.

SHARPSTEAD LANE, 148-Maribel Paredes to Nena Albisu, $301,000.

SMOOTHSTONE WAY, 18903, No. I-6-Sonia C. Quintanilla to Darlene and Rudy O. Chavez, $167,000.

SNOW GOOSE CT., 17202-John and P. Frey to Allison and Jonathan B. Morgan, $525,000.

SOUTHERN NIGHT LANE, 1001-Jovlyn G. Fraser to Maria Ramirez, $290,000.

SUMMER WALK DR., 144-John D. and S.G. Riley to Sheila and Seymour Harnik, $473,000.

SUMMIT HALL RD., 577-Donna M. Speirer to Gualberto Deleon, $285,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 105, No. 202-Yoni Lazier to Mandy M. Wong, $283,500.

TRAVIS LANE, 1093-Erlinda S. Gabriel to Muhammad Ashraf Janjua, $300,000.

WAKE FOREST DR., 1430-A.C. and Christopher J. Russell to Amarnath Sathyanarayanan, $333,000.

WATERSHED CT., 8607-Bobby H. Cox to Rajeeva Duminda Serasinghe, $300,000.

WATERSHED CT., 8620-S. and Ajit Anand to Maria Rivas, $282,000.

WESTLAND DR. N., 8817-Pamela J. Rouse to Corina I. and Romeo Castro, $425,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19929-Dorothy J. Wuhrman to Rejean Bertrand, $225,000.

WINESAP DR., 15213-Harver Bautista to Felipe Alcorta and Maria D. Castner, $475,000.

YANKEE HARBOR DR., 7812-Jeffrey J. Farrell to Vanithakumari Chockalingam and Thamizh Thendral, $363,000.

YANKEE HARBOR PL., 20219-Susan C. Atwell to Stephanie M. and Steven F. Ludwig, $360,000.

Germantown Area

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12012, No. B-202-Maureen Roode to Jacqueline Painter, $255,000.

ANSEL TERR., 13401, No. 5-H-Ana G. Campos to Myung R. and Sang K. Rim, $250,000.

ANSEL TERR., 13412-Patrick T. Asplund to Jian M. Chen and Yimin Qian, $375,000.

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