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Home Sales

Prince George's Home Sales

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Accokeek Area

AUBURN RD. E., 15100-William T. Scott to Rhonda B. and William T. Scott, $265,000.

DUSTY LANE, 16006-James D. and Betty J. Lockhart to Amy M. and Steven P. Denny, $181,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 16200-JFK Accokeek Corp. in to Mighty Wind Ministries, $1.5 million.

LIVINGSTON RD., 17201-Priscilla T. Ford to Joanne Charles, $170,000.

Adelphi Area

ADELPHI RD., 9278-Tatiana Tokareva to Helen and Rosemary Ekanem, $102,000.

CHAPMAN RD., 2010-Rose Y. Young to Ilsi C.D. Arevalo and Oscar Villatoro, $299,000.

CHAPMAN RD., 2423-Marcie F. Levin, trustee, to Abraham E. and Oscar A. Flores, $250,000.

CHILLUM RD., 712-Raul A. and Mirna Amaya Ascencio to Jose Ayala and Jesus E. Moran, $275,000.

CHILLUM RD., 802-Lon N. Stephenson to Jose O. Argueta, $235,000.

CHILLUM RD., 807-Joan C. and John C. Bennett to Sutton Development Co., $65,000.

COX AVE., 806-Alex Meadows to Ronald D. Tippett Sr., $186,850.

CRUZE PL., 2500-Domingo A. and Paola B. Veras to Aura M. and Justiniano Cabrera, $350,000.

DANA DR., 1913-Vaidwatti N. Reis to Elmer Sorto, $325,000.

DREXEL ST., 1800, No. 104-Yliana M. Ramirez to Esmeralda Munoz, $65,000.

DREXEL ST., 2308-Jose A. and Maria N. Juarez Aguilera to Santos G. Romero and Inmar F. Cruz, $291,700.

EDWARDS WAY, 9250, No. 505C-Virginia S. Butler to Eric E. Dubose, $95,000.

JASMINE TERR., 1806-Tulio E.U. and Tulio E. Um Rodriguez to Paz R. Chiriceo and Jose R.R. Gonzalez, $175,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1800, No. 104-Olutoyin Sobola Gbadamosi to Alfredo C. Belbusti, $70,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1802, No. 202-Kim R. Jackson to Paula Bowie, $104,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1822, No. A-1-Brian and Anthony Kerr to Harry H. Tu, $106,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1822, No. B-3-Karla A. Simpson to Alba R. Sorto, $110,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1828, No. 305-Sylvia D. Dixon to Margerate M. and Edward A. Gomes, $119,000.

PLEASANT ACRES DR., 10817-Willie F. and Crystal Bean to Sebastian M. Wambua, $350,000.

PURDUE ST., 3402-Ronald and Lesley B. Cooper to Melinda and Paul E. Butterfield, $335,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1406-Hyacinth and Euwen Spence to Juan F. Martinez, $275,000.

QUINN SPRING CT., 7610-Audrey Fleming Hawkins to Edenila and Jose Blanco, $389,900.

RIGGS RD., 8010-Tito Perdomo Caballero to David F. and Elmer A. Campos, $260,000.

18TH AVE., 7302-Maria J. and Jose E. Solloso to Jayashanger Arumugam, $65,000.

23RD AVE., 6908-Anselmo Guerr and Blanca E. Machado to Akullu Terfasse, $300,000.

24TH AVE., 8006-Marcia Spence to Sean D. Martin, $170,000.

Beltsville Area

AITCHESON RD., 4350-Andrew A. Pinnock to Annette D. and David M. Sites, $325,000.

BELTSVILLE DR., 12125-Gail A. Mason to Njerie J. and Richard A. Jones, $217,000.

CAVERLY AVE., 11706-Angelina N. Ahaghotu to Yolanda and Dennie M. Mongan Jr., $320,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11214, No. 304-Shaneeza S. and Ijaz Kazim to Shana N. Helton, $140,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11322, No. 103-II-P-Sabina Fuentes to Paul Gomez, $88,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 12006-Jeanette R. and Anthony S. Benjamin to Bernard Adeshoga, $330,000.

GREENMOUNT CT., 12607-Emil and Barbara Rassofsky to Radcliffe A. and Sherene A.R. Manyan, $460,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 11510-Eduardo Zaldivar to Silvia L. and Ricardo J. Zaldivar, $392,000.

NARROW TRAIL TERR., 11301-Barbara and Shukri A. Pettegrue to Lydia A. Tabi, $231,000.

ODELL RD., 5422-Samuel C. and Mildred Smith to Yolanda and Jose L. Herrera, $274,000.

POWDER MILL RD., 4421-Patricia A. and Melvin A. Hardisty to Pervaiz Ashad, $305,000.

ROBY AVE., 11722-Rebecca B. and Kevin Simmons to Emilia and Jose M. Castillo, $279,000.

ROMLON ST., 4405-Michael J. Steiner to Gila and Yehuda Nordman, $94,000.

ROMLON ST., 4411-John R. Lenox to Akua B. Gyabaah, $125,000.

35TH AVE., 11614-Raysa Lopez and Reyna A. Morales to Emma Nunez, $265,000.

Bladensburg Area

EMERSON ST., 6011, No. 312-Anika Z. and Ronald J. Curtis to Dorothy A. View, $50,000.

TAUSSIG RD., 5417-Karl E. and June D. Koles to Wendy E. and Ana E. Escolero, $185,000.

Bowie Area

ALMA LANE, 3101-Brenda L. and Michael A. Ricks to Myron A. Kennedy, $500,000.

ALSTEAD LANE, 2207-J.R. Development Group Corp. to Alfred C. Anthony, $429,000.

ARDEN FOREST LANE, 3008-Jerome D. Dillard to Ana L. Ramirez and Paul W. Jackson, $412,000.

BEECHTREE LANE, 12807-David B. Desroche to Jacqueline L. Omotosho, $280,000.

CLOVER HILL TERR., 14514-Sean J. and T. Diane Gleason to Wilma J. and Roderick D. Thomas, $412,000.

EARLY GLOW LANE, 3805-Nikki G. Brown to Jennifer E. and John M. Hales, $279,900.

EBONY CT., 15711-Anthony J. Vitiello trust to Shonda M.G. and Ryan E. Foster, $200,000.

EDDINGER RD., 16306-Celestine N. and Clifton White Jr. to Anthony Shockley, $452,900.

ELEGANT CT., 16033-Kevin L. Brown to Agata Cangemi and Matthew B. Brady, $296,500.

ELLIPSE TERR., 16407, No. 11-Zulma D. Santiago Ortiz to Graeme Hill, $219,000.

ENDICOTT DR., 15301-Jennifer and Gerard Dupree to Clodie Young, $270,000.

EUROPE LANE, 3830-Trenesha N. Fultz to Billy Blakeney, $265,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3714, No. 101-Howard W. Dare III to Aderonke O. Awe, $190,501.

FEDERAL HILL CT., 16819-Shawn A. Springs to Bintu Salako and Olaitan Olayiwola, $768,000.

GRESHAM CT., 13624-Mary M. and Dwight L. Bynum to Margaret Galega, $335,000.

HASKELL LANE, 12705-Raymond L. and Margaret M. Butler to Alicia M. and David M. Appel, $291,000.

HASKELL LANE, 12729-Linda S. and John E. Pattishall to Grace S. Olabosipo, $246,500.

HILLMEADE STATION DR., 12649-Teresa L. Keleti to Dorine and Javan Fox, $316,000.

HILLMEADE STATION DR., 12747-Deborah L. Gustavson to Hui and Chou and Kwo S. Kuo, $297,000.

HOLIDAY LANE, 12715-Linda L. Solomon to Derrick R. Parker, $275,000.

KEMBRIDGE DR., 12401-Leo J. Clark to Robin M. Oliver, $236,000.

KRESSON PL., 2606-Yolanda and Marty Hamilton to Newman Enterprises Corp., $198,500.

LAKE ONTARIO WAY, 4713-William P. Slade to Stevie and Tanya Dickens, $550,000.

LODE ST., 12801-Charlotte and Andrew Spevak to Santos Rodriguez, $379,000.

LONDON LANE, 14939-Georgia S. Scott to Chandra R. Green, $244,000.

MACKELL LANE, 12116-David and Florence Chertok to Valerie L. and Michael C. Wagner, $285,000.

MARQUETTE LANE, 12904-Deborah and Andrew H. Fowler to Karla A. Simpson, $175,000.

MASE LANE, 3508-Donald S. Bell to Carel A. Jumett Gibbs, $289,999.

MEDINA LANE, 3403-Timothy E. and Kristine E.W. Kasheta to Sarah G. and C. H. Brown, $276,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 12744-Charlotte H. and Gary A. Slone to Karen Cain, $193,000.

MORELAND PL., 3307-Cecil L. and Ruth K. Caldwell to Jeannette A. and Bobby R. Moore, $275,000.

NESCONSET DR., 4201-Glenn E. Smith to Marie C. and Peter W. Farney, $310,000.

NESTOR CT., 2827-Reginald L. Clay Jr. to Brian Masters, $160,100.

NORSHIRE TERR., 3202-William F. and Elaine M. Ryan to Paul C. and Patricia Spencer, $349,500.

PAGE CT., 1901-Howard R. Jr. and Elena M. Martin to Angela M. and James C. Dillard, $223,000.

PALM LANE, 1316-Vernon O. and Dorinda A. Cummings to Maria Eli and Yves Azie, $289,900.

PARTELL CT., 16007-Coleman W. III and Kimberly Brown to Barbara E. and James M. Mitchell, $235,000.

PENFIELD LANE, 2219-Glen E. Cordery to Jean R. and Clarence Glaude III, $285,000.

PLEASANT VIEW DR., 14226-Jin H. and Suk H. Kang to Elizabeth and Jose A. Alvarez, $425,000.

PRESSWICK LANE, 15706-Joan D. and Paul E. Rosenberg to Douglas A. Schwer, $300,000.

QUANDARY CIR., 7601-Katharina M. and Mark E. Ginevan to Brenda V. Doharris, $449,000.

QUILT PATCH LANE, 12104-Frances and Jack T. Cunningham to Paul Obiniyi, $285,000.

RAGING BROOK DR., 11261-Ernestine D. Thomas to Paula T. Fields, $147,000.

RAMBLING LANE, 12304-Donald R. Holt Jr. to Whitney A. and James P. Prickett, $275,000.

SUPERIOR LANDING, 11114-Clarence C. Minor Jr. to Ramona K. and James E. Arnwine, $555,000.

TALLOW LANE, 2903-Jeffrey J. Van Ness to Michelle M. and David W. Morrison, $291,000.

VICTORIA HEIGHTS DR., 13023-Marcey J. and Stephen G. Abrams to Carmen D. Pickens, $347,900.

WALPOLE CT., 11407-Della T. Torney to Talaya S. Simpson, $205,000.

WEISS DR., 13001-Dolores A. Staf and Melissa A. Flynn to Janice Davenport Smith, $475,000.

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