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NL West Sidebar


Los Angeles;93-69;.574.--

San Francisco;91-71;.562;2

San Diego;87-75;.537;6





2B Ray Durham

SS Omar Vizquel

1B J.T. Snow

RF Moises Alou

LF Pedro Feliz

3B Edgardo Alfonzo

CF Marquis Grissom

C Mike Matheny


RHP Jason Schmidt

LHP Kirk Rueter

RHP Brett Tomko

LHP Noah Lowry

RHP Jerome Williams


RHP Armando Benitez

Best move: Signing catcher Mike Matheny, a defensive wizard and expert pitcher-handler, to a three-year deal.

Biggest loss: Losing Barry Bonds for any length of time damages their chances of winning the division.

Top rival: Los Angeles Dodgers.

Any discussion of the 2005 San Francisco Giants must be broken into two categories: With Bonds, and without Bonds. (Come to think of it, the baseball season as a whole can be viewed the same way.) If Barry Bonds misses much or all of the season, as he says is possible, the Giants look like a very ordinary team -- albeit one that can still win a division in which everyone else looks just as ordinary.

But if Bonds manages to rehab his injured right knee, fend off federal prosecutors in the BALCO case, stave off thoughts of retirement and get back on the field, the Giants automatically become the clear favorites in the division, and arguably the most well-rounded team in the league.

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