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Home Sense
More Wiring Worries
The second in a series about when to call in a licensed electrician for trouble spots like worn wiring.

Home Sense
Wiring Worries
If you live in house that's 40 years old or more, it's time for a checkup by a licensed electrician.

Home Sense
Checking the Deck
Even the most weather-hardy decks can use some care and repair come springtime.

Home Sense
Cutting the Cord
Basic buying guidelines for and reviews of some popular portable power drills.

The Prefab Future,
Take a good look at the house in these pictures. Eye candy, right? Modern lines, wide- open floor plan, sky-high windows -- almost always the hallmarks of a contemporary, architect-designed residence that's nice to look at and undoubtedly pleasant to live in but manifestly out of reach for most people.

Virtual Remodeling
A sampling of Web sites that can help ease the task of a kitchen redo.

Home Sense
Better Vinyl
Vinyl is easy to install, but it pays to know the crucial details.

Pretty in Pink . . . Or Blue Or Taupe
At 5 a.m. Chris Arrasmith slips quietly out of bed, pads downstairs to the dining room and climbs onto a ladder.
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