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All-Night Welcome
What fun we'd all be having if only all museums were open in the middle of the night.
 Shopper: Native Aesthetic

Tribes Welcome 'Overdue' Tribute
Thousands of Native Americans, many in full tribal regalia, converged on the Mall to celebrate the museum's opening.
 A Feast for the Eyes
 Video: Tribes Gather
 Photo Gallery: Opening Day

Native Americans Drawn to Mall
From across the country, thousands made plans to come to Washington and celebrate the opening of the new museum.
 Video: Opening Day
 Graphic: D.C. Street Closings
 Graphic: What's Inside
 Panoramic Photos
 Fisher: Skin-Deep Appeal
 Full Report: Indian Museum

A Journey of Many Lifetimes
For the Hupa and other Indians, museum honors past and present
 Finally Recognized
 Monument to Survival
 Cherokee Survival Story

A Lot of Ground in Little Space
The museum's new building is refreshingly shocking for button-down Washington, but wait till you see its landscape.
 Review: Natural Wonder
 Architect's Lasting Footprint

Renewal Sparks Wealth, Optimism
Transformation in Indian country has helped generate the energy that fueled the creation of a new museum.
 Opinion: Myth and Museums

Within These Walls
Now, risen from the Mall, is a new museum about, by and for Indians, one in which they will define themselves.
 Essay: A Particular Truth
 Art: Contemporary Works
 Exhibit: Modernist Explorers
 Graphic: What's Inside

History's New Look
Creators hope the National Museum of the American Indian will attract as many as 6 million visitors a year.
 National Pride
 Tale of Two Totem Poles
 Culture Interpreter
 Profile: W. Richard West

 Mall's Finite Space
 Graphic: Mall Real Estate
 From the Ground Up