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A Nation Says Thanks
The sun shone on a generation as the largest gathering of World War II veterans assembled to see their long-awaited memorial assume its place on the National Mall.

A Day to Remember
On a Mall awash in patriotism, they again shared, perhaps for the very last time, a common mission and purpose.

Critics Should Use Hearts, Not Eyes, Some Say
From some corners, criticism of the long-awaited monument to the veterans of World War II has been harsh -- and loud.
 A Fitting Salute
 Many Words - Little Eloquence

Setting History in Stone
Americans find the making of large national monuments so contentious and painful that it's surprising we build any memorials at all.

To Those Who Vanquished Evil
A shrinking legion of WWII veterans will muster on the Mall this weekend.
 WWII Special Report
 An Emotional Landmark

WWII Memorial


WWII Memorial Views
The Mall's latest landmark is now open to the public.
Visitor Information
Photo Gallery   |   Panoramas
Graphic: Memorial at a Glance
(Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post)
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WWII Memorial
Betsy Glick, director of communications for the World War II Memorial, discussed the memorial's dedication and other events.

National Reunion
Jim Deutsch, National World War II Reunion program curator, spoke about the landmark Memorial Day weekend event.

360º Memorial View
Panoramic photos and audio interviews from the opening of the National World War II Memorial.

Memorial Map and Layout
Photo Gallery: Fitting Salute
Video: Final Touches
WWII Memorial Dedication
Thousands gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to dedicate a memorial to sacrifice and service.

WWII Remembered
A Black Marine's Battle
Memorial Nears Completion

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