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The Powerful at Play
Enthusiastic Parties to a Second Term
Slip into your sleekest Texas tux or slinkiest sequined dress, a pair of cowboy boots and, if you can get away with it, a cowboy hat. It's time for a grand old party -- the 55th Presidential Inauguration.

Dismal Commute Ahead
Traffic planners warn drivers to avoid downtown areas from Wednesday through early Friday.
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 2,000 Cops Volunteer for Events

A Sip of Something Presidential
All across town, bars and restaurants are getting in on inaugural fever, adding chipotle sauce to their barbecue or jalapeno peppers to their drinks or calling their offerings Texan.

Inaugural Venture: Rooms for Rent
Looking for a place to stay this week for the inauguration, but can't get a room at the Ritz-Carlton?

The Inaugural Bash
Opponents of the president are planning to rise up in polite protest on Jan. 20 in semi-organized Counter-Inaugural events.
 Donations Swell by $7.7 Million
 Presidential Snubs and Flubs

Tickets, Security, Pomp and Circumstance
For Inauguration 2005, the vision thing is easy, but the viewing thing is much trickier.
 True Political Parties

Metro Changes and Closures
Metro is extending hours and temporarily closing three stations on Jan. 20.
 Downtown Shutdown
 Graphic: Street Closings and Parade Route

Golden Tickets
Inauguration tickets, distributed to members of Congress on Jan. 10, utilize new, high-tech security features.
 A Rush of Requests
 Tickets and Technology

Inaugural Dressing
Haven't a thing to wear to the inaugural ball? Fashion and Beauty Editor Janet Bennett has suggestions for every tax bracket.
 How to Buy a Tuxedo
 Galas' Familiar Refrain