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On the Move
Set a Spell
A typical evening at the Bears Den Trail Center near Bluemont, Va.: Two men are harmonizing on a Buddy Holly song, watched by a woman munching microwave popcorn. All three are barefoot, taking a rest from their hike along the entire 2,174-mile Appalachian Trail.

By the Light of the Moon
I became acquainted with the custom of gathering at the full moon when I lived in Taiwan and trekked with friends to a mountaintop outside Taipei for a moonlight picnic to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Dam Nation
In West Virginia each fall, floodgates open and paddlers gather from around the world.

Biking 101 for Adults
I'm capable of doing some complicated things. But coming to my 34th birthday, I still hadn't mastered a skill that most 7-year-olds have down cold: riding a bike.

Finding Refuge
The bald eagles born this spring at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge are honing their hunting skills.

Top-Flight Entertainment
Every Sunday the Flying Circus Airshow brings to life the golden age of aviation, with barnstorming biplanes, a parachute jumper, high-flying aerobatics and a wing walker.

What a Hat Trick
Just miles from the Delaware border, South Jersey's Cowtown Rodeo is the longest-running Saturday night rodeo in the country.

Dig Dem Bones
Paleontologists at Bayfront Park near Chesapeake, Md., hope an informed public can help find more interesting fossils.

Surely You Joust
The ancient calvary sport of jousting is also the alive-and-well state sport of Maryland.
 Local Jousts