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Warren Brown: On Wheels
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In the News
Total U.S. Highway Deaths Fell in 2003: Safety Groups Question Revision by Transportation Department (Post, Aug. 11, 2004)

U.S. Rollover Safety Tests Single Out Trucks (Post, Aug. 10, 2004)

27 Fires Linked To Oil Changes In Honda CR-V (Post, July 9, 2004)

Research Points to Risks in Big Vans (Post, June 2, 2004)

Lighter Vehicles Riskier, Federal Report Says (Post, Oct. 15, 2003)

Regulator Assails Safety Of SUVs: Blunt Talk Is Unusual In Runge's Position (Post, Jan. 16, 2003)

Rollover Tests Planned For New Cars, Trucks (Post, Oct. 2, 2002)

A Busing Success Story, With a Push From Uncle Sam (Post, Sept. 22, 2002)

New Child-Seat Safety Rules Take Effect Sunday (Post, Aug. 29, 2002)

Automated Tire Monitors Coming in 2003 (Post, May 31, 2002)

For Now, Automakers Can Pick Tire Monitors (Post, March 1, 2002)

U.S. Warns Of Rollover Risk in Large Vans (Post, April 16, 2002)

Safety Advocates Assail Goodyear Tire Recall as Incomplete (Post, Feb. 7, 2002)

For Bush's Regulatory 'Czar,' The Equation Is Persuasion: Graham Wields Cost-Benefit Analysis For, Against Rules (Post, May 10, 2002)

Agency Opts Not to Alter Fuel Rules: Environmentalists Assail NHTSA's Decision (Post, Jan. 19, 2002)

Highway Safety Agency Faulted on Probes: Internal Study Calls NHTSA System for Collecting Data 'Seriously Flawed' (Post, Jan. 10, 2002)

Inaccurate Tire Gauges Can Be Matter of Safety (Post, Dec. 4, 2001)

Regulator Defends Traffic Cameras (Post, Aug. 29, 2001)

NHTSA to Require Tire Pressure Warning in Vehicles (Post, July 25, 2001)

Driven to Using a Cell Phone: Study Says 3% of Drivers Talking on Devices at Any One Time (Post, July 24, 2001)

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