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Energy Conservaton:
U.S. Department of Energy
Guide to energy conservation
(Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy)
Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home (Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy)

Ask an Energy Expert
Energy Star Program
Energy Saving Fact Sheet

Gas Prices
What's Behind Rising Prices at the Pump? Motorists are aware of how much they pay for gas, but few know the reasons behind the soaring prices.

__  The Department of Energy __
Compare Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
Most/Least Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Gas Mileage Tips

__  On The Web __ Find gas prices in your area by plugging in your zip code. Note to users: This site is operated by volunteers who funded the site by selling advertisements.
How far will you drive to save money on gas? Calculate your net savings by comparing the distance of two gas stations and prices (
AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
DOE primer on gas prices
Energy Policy
 Dominion Considers Its Pipeline Proposal Better Than Group's (The Washington Post, 3/17/05)
 Utilities Win Forum Against Enron (The Washington Post, 3/13/05)
 Report Assesses Risks of Attack on Tankers (The Washington Post, 12/22/04)

 More Energy Policy News
 Understanding Regulatory Policy
About FERC
FERC regulates the transmission and sale of natural gas, oil and electricity, oversees environmental issues, administers accounting and financial reporting regulations.
Mission | History | Who's in Charge
Government on the Web
 Department of Energy
 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
 House of Representatives Energy Subcommittee
 Senate Energy Committee
Power Shift Series
The New World of Electricity: Deregulating utility monopolies so far has created more problems than benefits, raising fears that other states could suffer California-style energy trouble.
Crisis in California
Little Local Competition
Timeline: California Energy Costs
Graphic: Power by Hour
Graphic: California's Power Grid

Bottlenecks on the Grid: The new market-driven electric-power system is straining an aging transmission grid that was not built to handle such heavy traffic.
A Close Shave Locally

The New Energy Merchants: A new breed of electricity trader is trying to accelerate the changes to the system over the powerful objections of old-line utilities.
Keeping New York Alight
Lobbying Against Deregulation
Graphic: Wholesale Power
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