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MCI Calls Qwest's Latest Bid 'Superior': Verizon Has a Week to Respond to Telecom Rival's Sweetened $9.74 Billion Offer (Post, April 24, 2005)

Qwest Raises Its Bid for MCI A Third Time (Post, April 22, 2005)

Merger Critics Seek Telecom Regulation: Big Firms Need Policing, Congress Told (Post, April 20, 2005)

Intel Unveils Long-Range Wireless Technology (Post, April 19, 2005)

Army Picks Tamsco to Build Iraq Infrastructure (Post, April 18, 2005)

$200,000,000: Telecom Tycoon Used International Financial Labyrinth (Post, April 18, 2005)

Mercator Partners IPO Raises $59.5 Million: Money to Finance Telecom Acquisition (Post, April 16, 2005)

MCI, Verizon Move to Close $7.65 Billion Merger: Proxy Statement Argues for Deal As Some Shareholders Question It (Post, April 13, 2005)

Verizon Agrees to Buy Stake Of MCI's Biggest Shareholder: $1.1 Billion Purchase an Attempt to Shut Out Qwest's Bids (Post, April 10, 2005)

Qwest's MCI Bid Born of Need to Expand Its Base (Post, April 8, 2005)

AOL to Introduce Internet Phone Service (Post, April 7, 2005)

Some Shareholders Criticize MCI Decision (Post, April 7, 2005)

MCI Again Rejects Qwest Merger Offer (Post, April 6, 2005)

Down to the Wireless (Post, April 3, 2005)

MCI Encourages Qwest To Reopen Merger Talks: Bidder Sticks With Deadline Next Week (Post, April 2, 2005)

For Second Time, Qwest Raises Bid To Win MCI: New Takeover Try Adds $1.1 Billion in Battle With Verizon (Post, April 1, 2005)

Qwest Mulls Proxy Fight For MCI, Will Increase Bid (Post, March 31, 2005)

MCI Accepts Sweetened Verizon Bid Over Qwest: More Cash Offered; Value of Deal Raised To $7.65 Billion (Post, March 30, 2005)

FCC Ruling Limits Competition, ISP Tells Justices: Rival Companies' Access To Cable Lines Is at Issue (Post, March 30, 2005)

Plans by U.S. to Dominate Space Raising Concerns: Arms Experts Worried at Pentagon Push for Superiority (Post, March 29, 2005)


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