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Mutual Funds
Targeting Value in Eastern Europe
Julian Mayo, whose Eastern European stock holdings have helped his mutual fund outperform all of his U.S. peers since 2000, bought shares of Turkish companies for the first time on optimism the country will join the European Union.

Fund Managers: Value-Adding Experts or Mere Commodities?
One of the worst things you can be told in modern economic life is that your job has become "commoditized."

Mutual Funds
Applying Buffett's Approach
William Nolin added to his Principal MidCap Fund's second-largest holding, Gentex Corp., after the shares dropped last year. He cited Warren E. Buffett's strategy as the inspiration for the purchase. "Buffett's thinking is the stock price will follow a good business," Nolin, who personally owns shares of the billionaire investor's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said during an interview in New York. "We look for the best businesses in an industry at a good bargain."

Mutual Funds
Taking the Plunge As Stocks Are Low
Robert A. Olstein, whose Olstein Financial Alert Fund (OFALX) outperformed the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index in eight of the past nine years, said he tries to avoid money-losing investments by buying stocks that have already collapsed.

First-Quarter Mutual Funds Report
Raining Dogs
After two back-to-back yearly gains, mutual fund returns thudded back to earth in the first quarter of 2005. The question for investors is whether it represents a blip or marks a tipping point in investor sentiment.
 As Dow 11,000 Fades Further, Inflation Colors Assessments
 Waiting for Greenspan
 Sector ETFs Allow Investing in Trends

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