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Hager Stan Hinden: Hinden, who retired from The Post three years ago, talked about the lessons he has learned from living in retirement.

George Hager: Online and software retirement products.

Retirement Planning: Martha Hamilton talked with financial planner Gregory Anderson about preparing your finances for retirement.

What Women Need to Know: Planning expert Martha Priddy Patterson discussed how women can ensure themselves a decent retirement income.

Planning for the Final Day of Work: Brookings Institution scholar Henry J. Aaron on how, when and why to kiss the job goodbye.
AARP Pitches for Older Workers
The nation's leading organization for seniors launched an online effort yesterday to help companies recruit and retain workers 50 and older.

Risk-Reward Gamble
A shift -- from the New Deal to the Ownership Society -- is a sea change in the way Americans view the relationship between themselves and the government, and between themselves and the rest of society.

Bush's Social Security Formula Is Weighed
The administration's proposed social security plan would cut promised benefits by nearly a third in the coming decades, several Republicans close to the White House say.

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Seven Retirees' Stories
Single Father Dennis Dean Kirk
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Musician Patricia Ann Smith
Kishan and Padma Baheti
John and Jill Charlton
Letitia Gomez and Sabrina Sojourner
Lynn Halverson and Douglas Lee

Retirement Journal
Hindsight Is Golden
If I had it to do all over again...
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Jane Bryant Quinn
Smaller Savings May Suffice
How much should you save to retire at your current standard of living? To answer that question, many of us turn to a retirement work sheet or calculator.

Ten Ways to Prepare
Find out what Social Security will provide.
Research your pension and how the money from it will be paid.
Calculate your savings in 401(k) plans, IRAs and other assets.
Start saving!
Calculate how much income you will need when you retire.
Estimate your retirement age and life span.
Look into estate planning, including will preparation, power of attorney, and long-term care insurance.
Review your investments as you age.
Develop a tax strategy.
Factor in special considerations such as tuition or inheritance.
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