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Oracle chief Larry Ellison at a conference in San Francisco in 2000. In a recent statement, Ellison said, "Oracle remains committed to acquiring PeopleSoft and will not be deterred by management's maneuvers to maintain control of a company they do not own."
Antitrust Focus
 Analysis: Antitrust Is Alive and Well
 Special Report: Tauzin-Dingell
 List of Mergers Blocked by EU
About Antitrust
U.S. Antitrust Law
Protect Yourself
• Alert federal and state antitrust agencies of any possible violations. To report violations contact:
      Federal Trade Commission
      Department Of Justice

• Make informed decisions about your purchases.

• Be aware of the alternatives to the products you purchase.

Consumer Protection Agencies
Better Business Bureau
Types of disputes handled include: anything that conflicts with maintaining an ethical marketplace or industry standards.
Consumer Information
File a Complaint
Search Disputes

Federal Trade Commission
Types of disputes handled include: Internet, telemarketing, identity theft and other fraud-related complaints. The agency does not resolve individual consumer problems but uses complaints to investigate fraud, sometimes leading to law enforcement action.
Consumer Protection
File a Complaint Online

Federal Communications Commission
Types of disputes handled include: any complaints regarding the telecommunications industry (cable, internet, telephone, radio, satellite, television).
File a complaint

Special Reports
 U.S. v. Microsoft
 UAL-US Airways
 AOL-Time Warner
U.S. Argues for Realtors' Right to Give Rebates
The Justice Department sued the state of Kentucky yesterday, arguing that its rules prohibiting real estate brokers from offering rebates to customers violate federal antitrust law.

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