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Fannie Mae Apologizes for Accounting Failures
Fannie Mae interim chief executive Daniel H. Mudd apologized to Congress yesterday for the company's massive accounting failures, as key government officials prepared to press their case today for stricter regulation of the company and its smaller rival, Freddie Mac.

In the News
Merger Critics Seek Telecom Regulation: Big Firms Need Policing, Congress Told (Post, April 20, 2005)

Fannie, Freddie Back Regulator But Will Fight Portfolio Limits (Post, April 20, 2005)

Intel Unveils Long-Range Wireless Technology (Post, April 19, 2005)

Bankruptcy Bill Passes; Bush Expected to Sign: For Many, Erasing Debt Would Be Harder (Post, April 15, 2005)

Bankrupt and Swamped With Credit Offers: When Chapter 7 Filers Wipe Out Their Debts, Card Firms Jump (Post, April 15, 2005)

Consumers Not Told Of Security Breaches, Data Brokers Admit: Senators Push for Notification Law (Post, April 14, 2005)

PNC Bank Devises a Bold Arrival (Post, April 13, 2005)

LexisNexis Data Breach Bigger Than Estimated: 310,000 Consumers May Be Affected, Firm Says (Post, April 13, 2005)

Into Thick Air: Some Air Cleaners, Says Consumers Union, Produce a Sweet Fresh Smell -- Of Damaging Ozone. But Product Makers Insist Buyers Can Breathe Easy (Post, April 12, 2005)

Disparities Found in Sub-Prime Lending: Data Show African Americans, Hispanics Pay More to Borrow for Home, Refinance (Post, April 11, 2005)

Cap Could Stop Adelphia Deal: Under 1992 Law, Comcast Would Be Too Big (Post, April 9, 2005)

States Scramble To Protect Data: Dozens of Privacy Bills Introduced After Spate of Security Breaches (Post, April 9, 2005)

EPA Ordered to Act on Regional Smog Plan (Post, April 9, 2005)

Cabinet Leaders Back Bid for New Regulator: Agency Would Oversee Fannie, Freddie (Post, April 8, 2005)

Panel Urged to Review Passenger Screening: Security System Raises Privacy Concerns (Post, April 7, 2005)

Legislators To Take Up Replacing OFHEO: Previous Attempts To Change Regulator Have Been Stymied (Post, April 6, 2005)

FCC Head Downplays Regulation: Cable Industry Urged to Handle Decency Issue (Post, April 6, 2005)

Segregation Persists In Housing, Study Says (Post, April 6, 2005)

Debt-Relief Firms To Pay $6 Million In FTC Settlement: Agency Cites Lies About Fees, Services (Post, March 31, 2005)

Selling Us
Shoppers Raise Their Red Flags (By Margaret Webb Pressler, Page F01)

The Emperor's New-Tech Clothes (By Margaret Webb Pressler, Page F01)

Use of Coupons Cuts Both Ways (By Margaret Webb Pressler, Page F01)

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