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Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan. (Kenneth Lambert - AP)
Steven Pearlstein
 Greenspan: Playing the Fool Or the Scoundrel? The urgent question before us today is: What has the chairman of the Federal Reserve been smoking?
Live Discussions
 Transcript: Alice Rivlin, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and former vice chair at the Federal Reserve Board, talked about the board's June decision on interest rates, the budget deficit and the economic outlook.
 Transcript: Lee Price, research director at the Economic Policy Institute, was online to discuss interest rates following the June Fed decision.
 Historical Changes in the Federal Fund Rate
Greenspan's Economy
Alan Greenspan In His Own Words: Greenspan comments and Fed actions since 2001.
 How He Did It: Rate cut timeline since the last recession.
 Grenspan's Bio
 Federal Reserve Special Report
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