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 Transcript (January 13, 2004): The Post's Brooke Masters talk about the mutual funds scandal and what it means to investors.
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 401K Learning Center: Mutual fund investing 101
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James K. Glassman: Investing
 10 Simple Rules For Fund Investors (The Washington Post, 4/6/03)
In the News
Problems? Try a New Name: Some Fund Firms Look To Change the Way Investors See Them (Post, Sept. 17, 2004)

A Year of Charges, Reforms for Funds: Regulators Imposed Fines, Crafted New Rules (Post, Sept. 1, 2004)

Mutual Funds Reveal Shareholder Votes (Post, Sept. 1, 2004)

SEC Probes Fund Firms and 401(k)s (Post, July 7, 2004)

SEC May Alter Mutual Fund Governance: Proposal Requires Independent Chairmen (Post, June 23, 2004)

Pilgrim Baxter Fined $50 Million: Money Manager to Cooperate in Market-Timing Probe (Post, June 22, 2004)

Ex-SEC Chiefs Back Mutual Fund Plan (Post, June 16, 2004)

Eliot Spitzer Spoils for a Fight: Opponents Blast Unusual Tactics of N.Y. Attorney General (Post, May 31, 2004)

SEC Wants Disclosures From Funds: New Rules Focus on Managers, Discounts (Post, May 27, 2004)

Stock Allocations Probed at Wellington: SEC Checks Money Managers for Conflicts of Interest in Treatment of Clients (Post, May 27, 2004)

Regulators Reach Deal With Strong, Fund Firm: Company, Founder To Pay $140 Million (Post, May 21, 2004)

Strong Strikes Deal to Settle Fund Probe (Post, May 20, 2004; 4:21 PM)

Janus Settles Charges of Market Timing: Fund Manager Will Give Up $226.2 Million (Post, April 28, 2004)

Funds Must Disclose Information On Timing: New SEC Rule Aims To Curb Abusive Short-Term Trading (Post, April 14, 2004)

Banks Make $675 Million Deal To Settle Mutual Fund Charges (Post, March 16, 2004)

Bank of America, Fleet Reach Fund Settlement (Post, March 15, 2004; 6:12 PM)

Unbiased Stock Data to Cost Wall Street Firms (Post, March 9, 2004)

Fleet Specialist Unit Expected to Air Settlement Terms: Firm Charged With Improper Trading (Post, Feb. 13, 2004)

SEC Studies Legality of Fees at Some Index Funds (Post, Feb. 7, 2004)

Banker Charged in Mutual Fund Scandal: Canadian Accused of Financing Trading Scheme That Hurt Investors (Post, Feb. 4, 2004)

First-Quarter Mutual Fund Report
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