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Attorney General John Ashcroft meets reporters at the Justice Department in Washington Friday, Nov. 2, 2001 to discuss a proposed settlement in the Microsoft antitrust case. (Rick Bowmer - AP)
Live Online
Sept. 7: Rep. Jay Inslee on Justice not seeking the breakup

Aug. 8: Will the Supreme Court take the case?

June 29: Post reporter on the court's reaction to Judge Jackson

Other transcripts on the case

Camera Works
Scenes Surrounding the Case
Analysis: Post reporter James V. Grimaldi

Gates Reacts

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer answers the questions: Do you see Linux as a competitor?

Are you developing Office for Linux?

Microsoft Ruling Overturned
A federal appeals court reversed parts of a $521 million patent ruling against Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday, giving the world's largest software maker another chance to prove that its Web browser didn't illegally copy a key piece of technology.
- The Washington Post

In the News
Microsoft's Gates Urges Governors To Restructure U.S. High Schools (Post, Feb. 27, 2005)

Microsoft Plans To Give Away Security Program (Post, Feb. 16, 2005)

Microsoft Still Patching Software Security Holes: Company Releases 8 'Critical' Updates (Post, Feb. 9, 2005)

Microsoft Acts on Antitrust Ruling: Windows Without Media Player to Be Available in Europe (Post, Jan. 25, 2005)

E.U. Orders Microsoft To Modify Windows: One Version Must Omit Media Player (Post, Dec. 23, 2004)

Microsoft Settles With Trade Group (Post, Nov. 25, 2004)

Microsoft Takes Lead in Software For Handhelds: Overall Market Shrinks As Smart Phones Gain (Post, Nov. 13, 2004)

Microsoft Placates Two Foes: Settlements Set For Novell, CCIA (Post, Nov. 9, 2004)

Microsoft E-Mail Looks Like Spam to Some Recipients (Post, Nov. 5, 2004)

Microsoft Profit Up 11%; Forecast Is Mixed (Post, Oct. 22, 2004)

Microsoft Releases New 'Critical' Patches (, Oct. 12, 2004; 6:57 PM)

Monti Reflects On Evolution Of Antitrust: E.U. Regulator Had A Turbulent Tenure (Post, Oct. 7, 2004)

Microsoft Judge Skeptical: E.U. Order on Media Player Questioned (Post, Oct. 2, 2004)

E.U. Regulators Say Microsoft Had Agreed to Sanctions: Court Weighs Whether to Delay Penalties (Post, Oct. 1, 2004)

Microsoft Crafts Backup Plan (Post, Sept. 28, 2004)

Microsoft Takes Stands Against Spam, Sanctions (Post, Sept. 23, 2004)

Microsoft to Share Source Code With Governments (Post, Sept. 21, 2004)

Melinda Gates Joins Washington Post Co. as Director: Ex-Microsoft Executive Elected to Board (Post, Sept. 10, 2004)

Microsoft's Homeland Security Efforts (Live Online, Aug. 31, 2004; 11:00 AM)

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