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N.Y. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer announces a court order requiring immediate reforms in investment counseling by Merrill Lynch, on April 8, 2002. (Kathy Willens - AP)
Mutual Fund Probes
 Problems? Try a New Name (The Washington Post, 9/17/04)
 A Year of Charges, Reforms for Funds (The Washington Post, 9/1/04)
 Mutual Funds Reveal Shareholder Votes (The Washington Post, 9/1/04)

 Web Special: Latest developments in the investigation.
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Live Online: The Settlement
 Transcript: New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, the man who led the probe on Wall Street's top investment banking firms, discusses some of the terms of the settlement.
 Transcript: The Post's Ben White discusses some of the terms of the $1.4 billion Wall Street settlement and offers resources for investors who are seeking recourse.
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A Run for the Money
New York Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer, who is running for governor in 2006 on the strength of his high-profile investigations of Wall Street and the financial-services industry, is having no problem raising money for his campaign.

More News
Buffett to Talk To Regulators About AIG, Gen Re Deals (Post, March 30, 2005)

Insurance Broker Will Pay Back Customers: Marsh to Create $850 Million Fund To Settle Charges (Post, Feb. 1, 2005)

Brokers' Gifts Investigated: Regulators Look at Freebies for Fund Workers (Post, Nov. 24, 2004)

NASD Bars Ex-Banker Quattrone For Life (Post, Nov. 23, 2004)

Wall Street Sex-Bias Case Settled: Morgan Stanley Agrees To Pay $54 Million (Post, July 13, 2004)

SEC Charges Fund Trader With Fraud (Post, Dec. 5, 2003)

Does NYSE Need A Human Touch?: Critics Want to Replace Specialists With Computers (Post, Dec. 2, 2003)

NASD Accuses Ex-Partner at Trading Firm (Post, Nov. 6, 2003)

Complaint Readied In Prudential Case: Former Managers, Brokers to Be Targeted (Post, Nov. 4, 2003)

Lawmakers Lambaste Mutual Funds: Key Senate, House Members Chastise Industry Amid Reports of Abuses (Post, Nov. 4, 2003)

SEC Finds Illegal Fund Trading: Survey Discloses After-Hours Deals (Post, Nov. 3, 2003)

Scandal Tarnishes Mutual Funds: Regulators Plan Rules To Stop Trading Abuses (Post, Nov. 2, 2003)

$1.4 Billion Wall Street Settlement Approved: Federal Judge Accepts Conflict-of-Interest Deal (Post, Nov. 1, 2003)

30 Firms Face NASD Fund-Trading Probe: Putnam Executives Said to Benefit Personally (Post, Oct. 29, 2003)

Mutual Fund Probes Not Driving Off Investors: Industry Reports Money Coming In (Post, Oct. 23, 2003)

Mutual Fund Abuses Alleged in Two Cases: Charges on 'Timing'; a Fine for Sales Incentives (Post, Sept. 17, 2003)

Little Guys' Lament: Abuses Shake Investors' Confidence in Mutual Fund Industry (Post, Sept. 14, 2003)

Wall Street Draws SEC Warning: Firms Told to Change Practices to Halt Conflicts of Interest (Post, Sept. 10, 2003)

Two Firms To Reimburse Investors: Bank of America, Janus Cited in Trading Probe (Post, Sept. 9, 2003)

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