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Live Discussions
 Iraq (Live Online, 6/1/04)
 Iraq: New Abuse Details Emerge (Live Online, 5/21/04)
 Iraq: Reconstruction Roadblocks (Live Online, 5/17/04)
 Prisoner Abuse: Arab World View (Live Online, 5/7/04)
Impact on Oil Prices
 Video: The Post's Peter Behr discusses the impact of war on oil prices.
 Live Online: Michael Renner of the Worldwatch Institute looks at dependence on imported oil.
 Graphic: Just how low are U.S. oil reserves? Where does the U.S. import oil from?
War On the Web
 Regional Papers Court Military Readers (, 4/16/03)
 Internet Opens Window on Relief Efforts (, 4/3/03)
 War Sparks Flood of Spam (, 4/8/03)

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Global Markets
 Currency Converter
 Iraq: Latest News and Post Coverage
Contractor, Army Office Fell Short, Audit Finds
A controversial British firm responsible for a $293 million U.S. Army security contract in Iraq could not prove that its armed employees received proper weapons training or that it had vetted Iraqi employees to ensure they did not pose a threat, according to a government audit released yesterday.

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