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Live Online
The Download: Shannon Henry recently hosted George Moore who spoke on emerging company strategy and venture capital.

.com Live: See transcripts of Leslie Walker's discussion with TellMe.com CEO Mike McCue.

The Download
Shannon Henry writes on the latest deals, hires and strategies in the Washington technology community.
Rescued From a Sinking Chip (Post, Oct. 26, 2000)

Leslie Walker exposes people to the trends, personalities and strategies shaping the Washington technology region and the Internet.
Niche Sites Collide With Reality (Post, Oct. 26, 2000)

Face Time
FACE TIME: Local Tech Events (Post, Oct. 26, 2000)

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Tech Investor
TECH INVESTOR: Nasdaq Leads Market Decline; Fiber-Optics Firms, Hit by Overcapacity, See Shares Plummet (Post, Oct. 26, 2000)

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Ask The Computer Guy
Old Program Crops Up in Error Message (Post, Oct. 26, 2000)

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START-UP: Keeping the Government's Lines Open and Secure (Post, Sept. 28, 2000)

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Data Basics
DATA BASICS: African Americans Closing Divide (Post, Oct. 26, 2000)

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Hands On
HANDS ON: Wireless Phones Pass the Clarity Test (Post, Oct. 19, 2000)

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