'Dreamcatcher': Things That Go Plop in the Night

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By Stephen Hunter
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 21, 2003

You have to say this about "Dreamcatcher." It's not just crazy, it's really crazy.

It's a Stephen King movie on a cocktail of steroids and amphetamines, a blast of delicious insanity that recognizes no borders, no laws of physics, no hopes of redemption. Baby, it just goes and goes and goes.

Hmmmm. Let's see.

It's an old-friends-from-childhood movie, like "Stand by Me."

But it's also a crazy-general movie, like "Dr. Strangelove," and that means of course it must offer a corollary to the crazy general, in the form of an opposing force, so that means it's also a heroic-colonel movie.

But it's a monster movie, too, where a big, toothy, slithery wet tube of goo eats people.

Oh, wait, I forgot this: It's a fungus-among-us movie!

Oh, then it's an "Alien" movie, only the creature comes out a little south of the chest.

Briefly, it's a helicopter attack movie.

Not briefly enough, it's a isn't-it-funny-what-goes-on-in-the-bathroom movie with a specialization in the noises methane production entails.

Then it's a round-up-the-townies-and-put-'em-in-the-stockade movie, like "Besieged."

By the way, it's also an ironic-alien-with-a-British-accent movie.

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