'Dreamcatcher': Things That Go Plop in the Night

By Stephen Hunter
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 21, 2003

You have to say this about "Dreamcatcher." It's not just crazy, it's really crazy.

It's a Stephen King movie on a cocktail of steroids and amphetamines, a blast of delicious insanity that recognizes no borders, no laws of physics, no hopes of redemption. Baby, it just goes and goes and goes.

Hmmmm. Let's see.

It's an old-friends-from-childhood movie, like "Stand by Me."

But it's also a crazy-general movie, like "Dr. Strangelove," and that means of course it must offer a corollary to the crazy general, in the form of an opposing force, so that means it's also a heroic-colonel movie.

But it's a monster movie, too, where a big, toothy, slithery wet tube of goo eats people.

Oh, wait, I forgot this: It's a fungus-among-us movie!

Oh, then it's an "Alien" movie, only the creature comes out a little south of the chest.

Briefly, it's a helicopter attack movie.

Not briefly enough, it's a isn't-it-funny-what-goes-on-in-the-bathroom movie with a specialization in the noises methane production entails.

Then it's a round-up-the-townies-and-put-'em-in-the-stockade movie, like "Besieged."

By the way, it's also an ironic-alien-with-a-British-accent movie.

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