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The City They Love to Hate

Monika admits that there are some neat neighborhoods in the area and some nice restaurants. "But after paying huge property tax bills and spending a considerable amount of time stuck in traffic, I bet many residents are too poor and tired to enjoy these fabulous attributes of the metro area."

I find myself mute in the face of complaints such as these. I wouldn't like to live the lives they've described to me. And no amount of satisfaction (let alone affection) that I feel for my home is going to sway the D.C.-haters.

The woman married to The Man Who Hates D.C. is almost done with graduate school. Her husband will get to pick the next city they will live in. He thinks Seattle might be nice.

"It's really got the personality I like," he said as we finished off our meal, he with sorbet and I with a rhubarb pistachio crisp.

And if that should turn out not to be the case, prepare for The Man Who Hates Seattle.

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