Road Reads

Sunday, May 22, 2005

BOOK: "Where to Stop & Where to Go: A Guide to Traveling with Overactive Bladder in the United States," by Arthur Frommer (Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp., free)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Folks whose travel is impeded by the need for restrooms.

Travel maven Arthur Frommer's slim study of easily accessible restrooms in 19 major U.S. cities and four national parks is sponsored by a company that makes a drug treatment for overactive bladders. But it's a handy guide for anyone--pregnant women, parents of wee kiddies -- on the prowl for potties when on the road.

Frommer offers restroom-rich tours of America's leading destination cities (including Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York and Washington), highlighting facilities near key attractions. He's careful to specify whether restrooms are inside or outside ticket gates, which could make a difference between staying dry and . . . well, you know.

The guide (plus a "Stop & Go" wallet card with a quick explanation of the bearer's urgent need to go, to be handed to skeptical restroom gatekeepers) is available at 877-786-7465 or .

-- Jennifer Huget

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