From Purple Socks to Porn, Lowlights of the Trial

michael jackson, red suit
Armbands, trinkets, vests, charms and crests all contributed to the offbeat atmosphere at Michael Jackson's child molestation trial. (Pool Photo by Joshua Gates Weisberg)
By Libby Copeland
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

But there's so much more we want to know! Must this trial end? Surely, somewhere, there's a former employee of Michael Jackson's who never testified. A gutter cleaner or something. Perhaps Jackson has one more nudie magazine we haven't yet examined!

We have seen so much in this trial. So many unhappy maids. So many young men who once were special friends of Michael. So many tales of drunken cavortings and crashed golf carts and even a story involving a psychic spoon-bender.

At the center of this trial are serious allegations that Jackson molested a then 13-year-old boy. But over the course of three months, as the minutiae of daily court life wore on and the sight of Jackson's kingly morning entrances became as familiar as cornflakes, the trial became about much, much less. Like: Does he wear a wig?

In a tribute to the trial-of-the-century that became the trial-of-the-so-icky, we offer this chance to ponder the strangest, sleaziest and most petty moments of the Michael Jackson trial.

Feb. 28: Opening arguments begin. Jackson arrives in what will become his courtroom uniform: a suit with armband, breast-pocket medallion and vest fob with sparkly charms. Spokeswoman Raymone Bain says, "Based on what he has in his closet, he has dressed rather conservatively for court."

March 1: Jackson's attorney says the accuser is a troublemaker who once was seen at the top of Jackson's Ferris wheel, throwing things at elephants. The jury watches British journalist Martin Bashir's documentary, in which Jackson claims the only plastic surgery he ever had was on his nose, to help him breathe better.

March 3: Jackson wears sandals with purple socks to court.

Police video of Jackson's Neverland ranch reveals that Jackson's bathroom contains two framed photographs of Elizabeth Taylor. Over the pop star's bed is a painting of the Last Supper -- with Jackson where Jesus should be.

March 9: Accuser says Jackson lovingly called him "doo-doo head."

March 10: Jackson wears pajama bottoms to court.

March 16: Prosecutors introduce porn recovered at Jackson's home.

March 17: Prosecutors introduce more porn.

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