Best of Two Beaches

Best of Two Beaches
((Left) Ricky Carioti - The Washington Post; (Right) Karen Tam)
Friday, June 3, 2005; 1:32 PM

Okay, we admit that compiling a list of the worst of Virgina Beach and Ocean City, Md., might have been more fun. After all, where else can you find yourself belly-to-belly with an overstretched tank top that reads "Remember My Name -- You'll Be Screaming It Later" than in these classic beach towns, historically considered the region's twin capitals of summer tacky?

Most sunburned drunk on the boardwalk? Tattoo you'd least like to see on your daughter? Highest price for a seashell cuckoo clock? Most ill-considered Speedo? Now those are categories we'd be proud to research.

Alas, it just ain't so true anymore.

Things have gotten so darned nice at these former surfside Sodoms that we had to go to Plan B, for Best.

Best breakfast? Best singles scene?

Best place to buy a bathing suit that doesn't make you look like a bloated sausage? We sent a Virgina Beach veteran and an Ocean City expert to seek out the superlatives of both towns.

Don't worry, though. Yes, you can now get an excellent apple martini. But you've still got a good shot at sipping it within sight of a "Beer: It's What's For Dinner" T-shirt.

Best of Two Beaches:

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