'The Deal': A Dud

By Desson Thomson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 16, 2005

In Harvey Khan and Ruth Epstein's movie, which could send the most acute insomniac into deep, snoring oblivion, Christian Slater plays Tom Hanson, a Wall Street investment banker investigating the mysterious death of a corporate buddy, among other things, and trying to jump-start his ailing career.

In doing so, he uncovers terrible things: a global conspiracy! Shady dealings in boardrooms! Illegal oil trafficking! Government coverups! But he also learns this: Women just love him! No matter whom he meets, they eye him up and down, and can't wait to sleep with him! The reason for Tom's phenomenal effect on women? Slater's an executive producer!

If Slater were a bigger star, this self-serving vehicle would have been a hoot, a surefire DVD attraction for any Camp Night in the living room, not to mention a shoo-in for one of the 10 worst movies of 2005. As it is, this movie, which features Selma Blair, John Heard, Angie Harmon, Colm Feore and Robert Loggia in roles you just don't want to waste time hearing about, should disappear from public view almost immediately. Pretend it didn't happen and maybe it'll go away.

The Deal (R, 107 minutes) -- Contains violence, obscenity and bad dialogue . Loews Cineplex Dupont Circle.

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