'Deep Blue': Dive In

By Desson Thomson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's almost inevitable that this documentary about the sea follows the post-"Fantasia" tradition of making wild animals seem to perform to classical and other evocative (sometimes comical) music by composer George Fenton. Ah, yes, the balletic, choreographed and wonderfully scored wonders of nature, who swim, waddle, flap and float for our armchaired delectation. Narrator Pierce Brosnan adds to the museum-auditorium sense of wonder, as he issues voice-over poetry about the mysteries of the deep.

But despite filmmakers Alastair Fothergill and Andy Byatt's Hallmark-ization, it's still amazing to behold the astounding creatures who lurk in, float on or swoop into the big, old blue ocean. Some of my favorites, as seen here anyway, include the Emperor penguins that fly out of the frigid water to make belly surf landings on polar caps; and the alien-like pods and other things that frequent the way-way deep of the ocean. There are also the cool sharks, the killer whales that flip their adversaries into the air and kill them; the adorable but deadly polar bears swimming through freezing seas; and so many more.

This is as good a visual treat as you and your kids can expect. I mean, without having to reach for 3-D glasses.

Deep Blue (G, 90 minutes) -- Contains nothing objectionable except the cruelties of nature. At Cineplex Odeon Dupont Circle.

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