The Man Who Married Too Much

Ed Hicks, who has had seven known wives, is charged with felony bigamy in Fairfax County.
Ed Hicks, who has had seven known wives, is charged with felony bigamy in Fairfax County. (Courtesy Of Sandra Goldin Hicks)
By Tom Jackman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 1, 2005

Ed Hicks is married to two women: one in Fairfax County and one in Utah. He previously has been married to at least five other women in this country, and, three times, he did not manage to get divorced from one before hitching up with another.

Hicks, 61, is "in love with love," according to a profile he posted on a dating Web site. Current and ex-wives describe him as romantic, handy around the house, a smooth talker. One woman continued to live with him after they were divorced.

He was "the first man I ever fell in love with," said Sharon Hicks Pratt, 60, of Las Vegas, the second of his former wives and the mother of his first child. While living in California, the two took motorcycle rides along the coast every weekend, Pratt said. Hicks built a brick wall outside their home, installed lawn sprinklers, redecorated the bathrooms and served as a father to the three kids she had before she met him, she said.

"He could be a real nice husband," Pratt said. "But he just has to have more than one woman."

Sandra Goldin Hicks, his Fairfax wife, found that out the hard way in April, when their tax refund check was redirected to pay off a tax lien from his marriage to Julie Flint Hicks, 43 -- his wife in Layton, Utah.

Sandra Hicks went to Fairfax police and showed them a copy of Julie Hicks's marriage license. They charged Ed Hicks with bigamy, a rarely used felony count that in the case of conviction carries a minimum two-year prison sentence. Hicks has a date today in a Fairfax courtroom.

After the discovery, Sandra Hicks began digging into her husband's past, working backward from ex-wife to ex-wife. The last three wives have formed a support circle of sorts, commiserating with one another and warning Ed Hicks's new romantic prospects of his secret past.

"I had already picked up on some of his lies and was a blind fool to his cheating," said Sandra Hicks, 49, who married Ed Hicks two years ago. "But he, in his charismatic, smooth way, was always able to explain it away."

Ed Hicks has been officially single between marriages only for periods of eight days, six days and 13 months, court records show. He has three children and has had nine stepchildren.

He lived in the Hybla Valley section of Fairfax with Sandra until April, when she booted him out of their townhouse. He declined repeated requests for an interview.

According to Hicks's résumé, obtained from Sandra Hicks, he is a publications analyst for the Army and works with a low-level security clearance at the Hoffman Complex in Alexandria. He has worked as a civilian for the military for most of his career.

"He was so much fun," said Julie Flint Hicks, his Utah wife. She met him at her job in the early 1990s when both were living in California, and after a chance meeting several years later, they began dating. She said Ed Hicks told her that he had been married once before, to the mother of his two children, and that he had bachelor's and master's degrees. All false.

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