The Blog Spots

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

At least 20 blogs are discussing various aspects of the 2005 election campaign and Virginia politics in general. Here is a sampler.

Bacon's Rebellion Recent posts discuss transportation issues, taxes, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's fundraiser in Northern Virginia and the cost of higher education.

Commonwealth Commonsense Recent postings discuss Rep. Thomas M. Davis III's comments on who should not own the Washington Nationals, tax and spending issues and Gov. Mark R. Warner's bicycle accident.

Democracy for Virginia "Revitalizing progressive politics and supporting increased public participation in community, politics, and government in Virginia!"

750 Volts Describes itself as a place for "Observations and Insights on Life and Virginia Politics."

sic semper tyrannis Recent posts discuss transportation projects, Sen. George Allen's future and campaign strategies.

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