Saturday, July 9, 2005

The Crime & Justice column in the July 8 Metro section included an outdated item about Louay Habbal, a Vienna man accused of running an unlicensed money-service business. The correct item is in today's Crime & Justice column on Page B2.

A July 4 article about computer simulations of terrorist attacks incorrectly said that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported in 2003 that a computer worm penetrated the control systems of a nuclear power plant, disabling its safety mechanisms for about five hours. The worm disabled a safety-monitoring system, but it did not affect the rest of the systems safeguarding the plant.

A July 2 Real Estate article said that Michael Halpern had previously helped a friend renovate a house. At the time, that person was Halpern's boyfriend.

A May 23 Associated Press article about the American Psychiatric Association's vote to urge the legal recognition of same-sex marriages incorrectly said that the American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from a list of mental disorders more than three decades ago. It was the American Psychiatric Association that took that action, in 1973.

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