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Background on Lisa Dickey

Wednesday, August 31, 2005; 11:14 AM

Lisa Dickey first lived in Russia during the Soviet era, moving to Moscow in August of 1988 to work as a nanny for a U.S. diplomatic family. In the spring of 1989 she was briefly employed as a driver and interpreter for Time magazine, a career move that ended when she wrecked a brand new Mercedes trying to beat an oncoming government truck into a gas station.

Lisa then moved to Washington D.C., where she held a variety of positions, none for very long. In 1994, she decided to return to Russia, moving to St. Petersburg to launch a career as a freelance writer. She eked out a living editing copy for the local English-language newspaper before being invited by photographer Gary Matoso to join him for the Russia Chronicles, a three-month Web documentary trip across Russia in the fall of 1995.

Following the Russian Chronicles trip, Lisa remained in St. Petersburg another year, writing articles for USA Today, the Moscow Times and Russian Life magazine, among other publications. She returned to Washington, D.C. in 1997 and started her career as a freelance "book doctor," specializing in nonfiction books on business and political topics. Over the next six years, she helped clients write five published nonfiction books including a New York Times Best Seller and a Booklist Top Ten Business Book. Published books she has worked on include:

" There Must Be A Pony in Here Somewhere: The AOL Time Warner Debacle and the Search for A Digital Future, by Kara Swisher with Lisa Dickey. (Crown, 2003).

" The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk: Why I Refused to Testify Against the Clintons, and What I Learned in Jail, by Susan McDougal with Pat Harris. (Carroll & Graf, 2003).

" Wireless Nation: The Frenzied Launch of the Cellular Revolution, by James B. Murray, Jr. (Perseus, 2001).

" Confessions of a Venture Capitalist, by Ruthann Quindlen. (Warner Books, 2000)

" AOL.COM: How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates, Nailed the Netheads and Made Millions in the War for the Web, by Kara Swisher. (Random House, 1998)

Lisa most recently worked on two forthcoming political memoirs, those of former U.S. Senator Charles S. Robb and of former Texas Lt. Governor Ben Barnes. A 1988 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature, she was fluent in Russian 10 years ago but is finding to her dismay that it's now a little rusty.

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