For the ICC

For the ICC

Thursday, September 1, 2005

There are three things wrong with the ICC decision.

1. It is too late. The ICC should have been built years ago.

2. The ICC should not be a toll road. More traffic will be removed from other roads if there is no toll.

3. There should be more interchanges so more traffic will be removed from other roads.

Better east-west connections across the county are sorely needed, and improved transit cannot realistically substitute for more road capacity where the ICC is concerned. Let's get it built.

Robert E. Oshel

Silver Spring

I am looking forward to the ICC winning final approval because of the impact it will have in reducing traffic on the local roads in our neighborhood. The studies have shown for years that this project will have a major positive effect on traffic, but I am most looking forward to the impact the ICC will have on getting me where I need to go with more predictability.

As someone whose job requires traveling throughout Montgomery and the region on a daily basis, including trips to Baltimore, Columbia, Prince George's County, BWI, Annapolis and all the shorter trips I make along the way, I find that it is getting extremely difficult to know how long it will take me to get across the county. It could be 30 minutes, it could be an hour and a half or more, and I never know which.

With the ICC, we will finally have a more direct and more predictable route, a route that will save me a half-hour each way, and the added capacity will free up our local roads to serve local traffic again -- as they used to. The ICC can't come soon enough.

Richard Parsons


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