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Weighty Blogs Dish on Diets

Hill hopes that more blogs will emerge that focus on keeping off pounds that have been lost. "Most of what I have seen are blogs that are geared towards weight loss," he said. "I'd like to see some that are about weight maintenance."

Here is a sampling of weight loss blogs.

· Drop the Fork ( ). This blog details the experiences of Debbie, 52, a member of both the Lean Plate Club and Weight Watchers, who has shed 80 pounds by dropping her fork and riding her bike. A lot.

· Skinny Kat ( ). Kathryn Porter, 27, shed 50 pounds and her blood pressure medicine. Then "life got in the way," as she explained in a telephone interview. Her father died. She lost her job and became reacquainted with Ben & Jerry's. She's regained most of those pounds, but is starting anew.

· The Skinny Daily Post ( ). Created by Julie "Juju" G. Ridl, who has lost 100 pounds and kept it off for years. She co-writes the blog with Jane, who has trimmed 275 pounds with bariatric surgery and healthy habits, and Jonathan, a middle-aged guy who shed 50 pounds.

· Tales of a Bathroom Scale ( ) is by "Diet Chick," 33, who has lost nearly 70 pounds, regained some and eagerly anticipates her wedding about a month from now.

You can find other weight loss blogs, blogs on other topics and instructions on how to write your own at Blogger/Blogspot ( ), TypePad ( ), Word Press ( ) and Diaryland ( ). ·

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