Tejada Is Not Source Of Steroid

By Jorge Arangure Jr.
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 23, 2005

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 -- The possibility that Rafael Palmeiro's positive test for steroids was caused by a substance given to him by teammate Miguel Tejada was ruled out by a team official Thursday night.

Palmeiro has used the Tejada link as a possible explanation for his positive test, according to sources. But Orioles Executive Vice President Jim Beattie said Major League Baseball's Health Policy Advisory Committee, which oversees steroids testing, has concluded the substance was vitamin B-12.

Palmeiro, 40, named Tejada in both his arbitration hearing with MLB and in the House Government Reform Committee's investigation into whether he committed perjury when he told the committee that he had never used steroids. The revelation was first reported in Thursday's Baltimore Sun.

Beattie said Thursday night that Tejada supplied a sample of what he had given Palmeiro and that tests conducted for HPAC showed it was the vitamin. Beattie said he had been informed of the decision by the commissioner's office, Palmeiro's representatives and Orioles owner Peter Angelos.

"I just found out right now," Tejada said. "I didn't know anything about it. I hope tomorrow I'll find out what's going on. I'll wait until tomorrow. Right now I'm shocked. I didn't give anybody steroids. I was checked out three times and I was clean. I didn't give steroids to anybody.

That didn't bother me because I'm not guilty. I gave him a B-12 shot, which is legal."

When asked when he had given Palmeiro the syringe of B-12, Tejada said, a "long time ago."

A source said Tejada has spoken to committee representatives about the incident, but Tejada denied it.

In his arbitration hearing, sources said, Palmeiro mentioned the B-12 shot but did not offer it as a defense of his positive test. But in an interview during the perjury investigation, Palmeiro did point to the substance as a possible culprit.

Palmeiro's attorneys said in a statement they are "disturbed about the misleading reports being leaked by unnamed sources who claim knowledge of the investigation. Rafael Palmeiro has never implicated any player in the intentional use or distribution of steroids, or any other illegal substance, in any interview or testimony."

Palmeiro and Tejada are both represented by agent Fernando Cuza.

The revelation had led the club to reconsider whether Palmeiro would be welcomed back into the clubhouse for the final homestand of the season.

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