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· ADA, Okla. -- A teenager who was abducted as she left school Friday was found shot to death Saturday along with a man her mother had once dated. Authorities said it appeared to be a murder-suicide. The bodies of Caitlin Elizabeth Wooten, 16, and Jerry Don Savage, 47, were spotted from an Oklahoma Highway Patrol helicopter. Savage, who had dated the girl's mother, Donna Wooten, reportedly called the girl's grandmother Friday and threatened to harm the teenager, officials said. Savage was recently arrested on charges of trying to kidnap Donna Wooten, who obtained a protective order against him Aug. 30, court records show. He was out of jail on bond when the teenager disappeared.

· CHICAGO -- A federal monitor reviewing hiring practices at City Hall wants an executive order from Mayor Richard M. Daley (D) that protects city employees who cooperate with her investigation. The executive order would send a message "that people who have provided information or may want to do that in the future aren't going to be retaliated against," said Noelle Brennan, the court-appointed attorney. Brennan also wants about 300 city employees and the people who hired them to swear under penalty of perjury that politics played no role in the hiring process.

· MINNEAPOLIS -- A Northwest Airlines flight to Tokyo took off 43 hours late, and passengers were kept on the plane for nine hours over a 24-hour period, the airline said. It cited mechanical problems and lack of a crew for keeping the Boeing 747-400 on the ground since its scheduled departure time of 3 p.m. Thursday.

· LIHUE, Hawaii -- A tour helicopter carrying a pilot and five passengers crashed into the Pacific near a reef, killing three passengers. The helicopter operated by Heli USA Airways was carrying three men and three women when it crashed Friday afternoon, the Coast Guard said.

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