The FBI Is Still on the Anthrax Trail

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Sept. 22 editorial "The Anthrax Metaphor" may have misled readers on the progress of one of the largest, most complex investigations ever conducted by law enforcement.

First, the men and women of the FBI and the Postal Inspection Service assigned to this case remain fully committed to bringing the perpetrator(s) of these murderous attacks to justice. While, as the editorial pointed out, we have not yet made arrests in the case, the investigators continue to go the extra mile in pursuit of every lead. They, and I, believe this case will be solved.

Second, while not well known to the public, the scientific advances gained from this investigation are unprecedented and have greatly strengthened our government's ability to prepare for -- and prevent -- biological attacks. Since the first anthrax mailing, investigators have worked with scientists to narrow the focus of this investigation.

Despite the frustrations that come with any complex investigation, the FBI's investigators never stop thinking about the innocent victims of these attacks, and they have never slowed their efforts to solve this case or to protect the public safety.


Assistant Director in Charge

Washington Field Office

Federal Bureau of Investigation


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