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It's a ... Scientologist?

By Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger
Thursday, October 6, 2005

BULLETIN!!! People magazine reported yesterday that toothy, twice-married box-office/Scientology star Tom Cruise and apple-cheeked ingenue Katie Holmes are expecting a baby, the latest flourish in a much-questioned romance that has spanned red-carpet fist-pumping, "Oprah" couch-jumping and an Eiffel Tower proposal. Cruise spokeswoman/sister Lee Anne DeVette confirmed the pregnancy for the mag. Wedding date and postpartum depression cure to be determined.


BULLETIN!!! Us Weekly reported yesterday that teen-idol warblers-turned-reality-TV-megastars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have separated after three years of closely chronicled, endlessly gossiped-about marriage. Spokespeople for the couple denied the split once again, but Us Weekly -- though it has long stood loyally in the "Newlyweds" camp, printing numerous happy interviews of the pair pooh-poohing previous rift rumors -- stands by its story.

The Scoop on the Scoops: A Guide to Today's Hot Topics

How can we even begin to process all this news ? Who snagged the bigger story -- People or Us? Which, ultimately, matters more to humanity? We asked the experts:

Choire Sicha , a senior editor at the New York Observer, veteran gossip blogger: "This is a crazy day for America. One story is amazing and great news, the other is a horrifying blow. The impregnation of sweet, sweet Katie Holmes by that little man -- it's horrific. We're thrilled the Nick and Jessica nightmare is over [but] people have been speculating about them for ages. People had the slight element of surprise."

Pat O'Brien , host of TV's "The Insider": Nick and Jessica ducked the white-hot glare this time, as did Lindsay Lohan's fender-bender. "The Tom and Katie baby story trumps them all. At day's end, though, something else could happen: Britney and Kevin could get divorced -- and that would trump them all."

Jack Shafer , editor at large, "The Jessica one doesn't matter at all. . . . Wardrobe malfunction has already happened and she can't get married to promote her new record -- this is what drives her back up the charts. . . . As for Katie Holmes, I want a medical second opinion before I make any comment."

The British Are Coming

Washingtonians of a certain age remember when Prince Charles brought Princess Diana to the White House, where his young wife dazzled the locals and danced with John Travolta . (Yes, that was 20 years ago .) Next month, Chuck will bring his new bride, Camilla , over for a week-long official visit.

The couple finally married in April after a 35-year affair. This will be the first chance for the American public to get a close look at the new duchess. Di-hard fans will never forgive her; the rest of us want to know the secret of her allure.

Palace spokesmen announced that the trip to New York, Washington and San Francisco will be in early November. You didn't hear it from us, but keep the first few days open if you have any chance of snagging an invite for the White House dinner, or the inevitable A-list soiree at the British Embassy, where the royals will stay with Ambassador David Manning .

Be nice. Camilla might be queen one day.

The Great Pumpkin: A Chef's Winning Recipe

Tip of the day: Never go to a food photo-op on an empty stomach.

We dropped by Ristorante Tosca yesterday to learn which local chef -- Tosca's Cesare Lanfranconi , Signatures' Morou or 1789's Ris Lacoste -- will appear on "Iron Chef America" for the mouthwatering Food Network. We watched a judge, Mayor Tony Williams ,eat. We got hungry. We eyed three plates of very artsy food created with a secret ingredient (pumpkin). We got hungrier.

The winner: Morou (just Morou, like Cher or Diddy ), who won with a menu of pumpkin and lobster tea, pumpkin beignet and caviar in a homage to New Orleans. "These days you've got to think Katrina," he explained. If only we could eat sound bites.


ยท Splitsville, definitely: Singer-songwriter Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and wife Tracey have made their unofficial separation permanent. They'll continue to work together, according to a statement.

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