A Koranic Caveat for Mr. Bush

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

President Bush, in his Oct. 6 speech ["Bush Says 10 Plots by al Qaeda Were Foiled, " front page, Oct. 7], exhorted "moderate" Muslims to speak out against terrorism by quoting a passage in the Koran that equates the killing of one person with the death of all humanity.

However, President Bush neglected to look at the exception in the middle of that quote from Chapter 5, Verse 32 -- "unless it is because the other did kill or did mischief."

Clearly, terrorists allied with al Qaeda believe fervently that we have killed and done mischief. And, because of these exceptions in the Koran, they believe they are right to kill innocent people. So why quote a passage from the Koran with such a huge loophole?



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