Like Rice-a-Roni, Redskins Had a San Francisco Treat

By Tony Kornheiser
Monday, October 24, 2005

So Joe Gibbs didn't want us to give the 49ers "bulletin board" material, huh?

What's the difference what they read? They can't play . They could have been reading the Redskins' playbook, and it wouldn't have mattered.

Man, oh man, how are the 49ers even in the NFL? Shouldn't they be made to go through Q-school next spring?

Gibbs was right about one thing: I was off base suggesting that by making the Redskins a 13-point favorite, Vegas must have thought Washington was playing Johns Hopkins, a D-III team. Apparently, Washington was playing a K-through-6 team.

I guess that 13-point spread was just for the first quarter. Fifty-two points, wow. Seems like there've been years recently when the Redskins didn't get 52. I undersold it when I wrote that the 49ers smelled "like dinner." They were dinner, dessert, coffee and an aperitif. Isn't that why travelers say you can always get a great meal in San Francisco?

Who didn't get well playing the 49ers? Clinton Portis certainly did. He hadn't gotten into the end zone all season -- he got there three times yesterday. (Excuse me, what's with those cartwheels? Is he trying out for the Redskinettes? Memo to Clinton: The Winter Olympics were in '98. Nice try.) Portis ought to put the 49ers' defense on retainer and fly them in every Sunday!

LaVar Arrington certainly got well, too. After sitting on the shelf for weeks like a jar of mustard, LaVar led the Redskins in tackles yesterday. You don't suppose somebody said something to Gregg Williams? Something like, "I don't know if you've checked your bingo card lately, but number 56 is alive." How about both LaVar and Tommy Ramsey getting in the game? Raise your hand if you had that quinella.

Who's next? The Giants? So, anybody here thinking the Giants smell like dinner?

Just kidding, Joe.

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