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Monday, October 31, 2005 3:06 PM

The following timeline details I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's role in the CIA leak case, based on news reports and the indictment.


  • May 29: Libby asked an undersecretary of state for information about the unidentified ambassador's trip to Niger, according to the indictment. The official directed the State Department to prepare a report and told Libby that Wilson was the ambassador who took the trip.
  • June 9: Classified documents from the CIA were faxed to the office of the vice president to the personal attention of Libby and another person in the office, the indictment states. The documents discussed Wilson's trip but did not mention his name.
  • June 11: A CIA officer told Libby that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA and was believed to be responsible for sending Wilson on the trip, the indictment states.
  • June 11 or 12: The undersecretary of state told Libby that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA and that State Department personnel were saying she was involved in planning his trip, the indictment states.
  • June 12: Vice President Cheney advised Libby that Wilson's wife worked in the CIA's Counterproliferation Division, according to the indictment.
  • June 23: Libby met with New York Times reporter Judith Miller, according to the indictment. He disparaged the CIA for "selective leaking" of intelligence matters. In discussing the CIA's handling of Wilson's trip to Niger, Libby told her that Wilson's wife might work at a CIA bureau.
  • July 7-9: Rove and another administration source told Novak that Wilson's wife was an "agency operative," according to news reports.
  • July 8: Libby provided new details about Plame to Miller, according to the indictment. A notebook she used that day included the name "Valerie Flame," according to the New York Times. Miller said the name came from a different source, but she could not remember who it was.
  • July 10: Libby spoke with NBC's Tim Russert.
  • July 11: Rove told Cooper that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA and arranged for him to take the Niger trip, according to news reports. 
  • July 12: An administration official told Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus that Wilson's trip was set up by his CIA-employed wife.
  • July 12: Libby again discussed Wilson's wife with Miller.
  • July 12: Libby discussed Plame with Cooper
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