Daniels Keeps Head Up After Dreadful Outing

By Ivan Carter
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 24, 2005

ORLANDO, Nov. 23 -- Wizards guard Antonio Daniels has no problem with Coach Eddie Jordan's decision to move him to the second unit and replace him in the starting lineup with Jarvis Hayes.

Daniels started eight of the first 10 games (he missed the game against the Los Angeles Clippers with an ankle injury) but said he was perfectly comfortable with coming off the bench, a role he excelled in with the Seattle SuperSonics last season.

However, Daniels was upset with himself after going 0 for 10 from the floor with one point as a reserve in Tuesday night's 108-105 loss to Denver.

Daniels, who has been encouraged by Jordan to be more assertive offensively, missed all kinds of shots: layups, dunks, short runners in the lane and -- in one key fourth-quarter sequence -- consecutive wide open three-point attempts.

The second three-point shot rimmed in and out, causing a frustrated Daniels to look toward MCI Center's ceiling in exasperation.

"I've never been 0 for 10 in my life," Daniels said. "I've had some rough games, but nothing like that. I was missing dunks, layups, everything. I have to put this [loss] on my shoulders. If I have my normal game, we probably win this game. That's the frustrating part, but I'll come out [Wednesday] and do my normal shooting routine and bounce back."

No Tinkering for Now

Jordan indicated prior to Wednesday night's game at Orlando that he planned to stay with a starting lineup of Hayes, Gilbert Arenas, Jared Jeffries, Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood.

"I don't like to tinker with it too much," Jordan said. "It's a good thing right now. It's a unit we liked going into camp but when Jarvis missed most of the preseason Antonio was the next guy."

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