Domingo Sees Little Chance For a Three Tenors Reunion

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Placido Domingo yesterday dismissed the idea of further reunions of the "Three Tenors" -- the occasional, spectacularly successful partnership he established with Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras in 1990.

The possibility of another appearance has been in the news since last week, when the 70-year-old Pavarotti, who is in the midst of a 40-city farewell tour, gave an interview to the BBC in Hong Kong. "I think we are going to make another concert or two with the other two tenors before I retire," he said.

Their first album together -- a live concert performance to celebrate the World Cup -- has sold some 20 million copies, making it the biggest-selling classical record of all time. There have been several further recordings, as well as reunion concerts, which bring Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras in excess of $1 million each per night.

But Domingo, speaking yesterday, seemed uninterested in continuing the series. "I don't have any plans at all for this at the moment. I'm so involved with my theaters and opera companies, in Washington and Los Angeles. You can never tell what is going to happen, of course, but I don't see any possibility for the Three Tenors."

The last appearance took place in the British city of Bath in August 2003. There was to have been a reunion concert last June in Mexico, but Pavarotti canceled on the advice of his doctor after coming down with laryngitis.

Pavarotti's designated "farewell tour" has been getting mostly unfavorable reviews, probably the worst of his career. Yet he seems unable to retire and spoke to the BBC as though he were already planning further engagements.

-- Tim Page

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