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The Kingdom Keepers

Sunday, December 11, 2005

If you've ever wondered what Disney World is like at night, after the park closes, curl up with this book and enter a truly magic kingdom.

This is a read-with-the-flashlight-under- the-blankets-until-two-in-the-morning kind of book, taking familiar scenes and places and turning them upside down. After all, how can the "It's a Small World" ride be scary? Boring, maybe, but scary? Never.

The book's main character is Finn Whitman. He and some other kids have agreed to let their images be turned into holograms that will greet people at the park. It's a new use of technology -- holograms don't get tired, sick or take bathroom breaks -- that seems harmless, until Finn uncovers a plot by evil Disney characters (led by Maleficent) to take over Disney World.

Can Finn and his holographic pals thwart the evil-doers? If we told you the answer, you wouldn't stay up all night reading, now would you?

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