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Home Sales

EVERGLADE LANE, 15620, No. 404-Kimberly B. McIntyre to Stacy Mitchell, $263,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3702-Serigne M. and Leila Ayad Ndiaye to Bettina and Gerald Klingler, $238,000.

FALLING WATER CT., 13104-NVR Inc. to Samia and John S. Matthews, $523,820.

GIDEON ST., 6206-Henry C. and Mary L. Brinton to Valerie Sollers and Emerante Hall, $520,000.

IVY HILL LANE, 3708-Griffith H. and Betty M. Tru Jones to Glenn A. Jr. and Laura K. Harmon, $349,900.

KAVANAUGH LANE, 12708-Thomas E. and Michele M. Stolle to Jeannette S. and Ned E. Muffley, $381,000.

KNOWLEDGE LANE, 12704-Michael Knight to Andy Okhuereigbe, $347,000.

MARIES RETREAT DR., 5204, No. 134-Judy Nielson to Shalamar Muhammad, $495,000.

MARIES RETREAT DR., 5225-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Azizat Adalikwu, $422,116.

MARSHALLS CHOICE DR., 5410, No. 65-Goodier Builders at the Choice to Sean M. Clayton, $329,583.

MASE LANE, 3513-Valerie I. and Wayne A. Jacques to Glenda Fuentes, $335,000.

MAYO PL., 3303-Dorothy L.P.A. Craig to Hubert R. Cook, $380,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 12307-Angela Stead to Alvalyn R. and William E. Larson, $350,000.

MYRTLE AVE., 9305-NVR Inc. to Jaymini and Krupesh Patel, $549,100.

NEMAN DR., 15419-Joseph Oduguwa to Josephine Odukoya, $240,000.

NEW COACH LANE, 3209-Barbara E. Mitchell to Brenda Y. Nolan, $340,500.

OLANDO LANE, 4403-Pauline W. Goodwin to Bui T. Huong and Binh P. Nguyen, $350,000.

PARKLAWN PL., 16150-Jacqueline M. Clarke to Gwendolyn A. Elam, $360,000.

PENNINGTON LANE, 1309-Kristofer W. and Becky B. Gifford to Cynthia A. Thompson, $334,900.

PHILMONT LANE, 16028-Alvera Stevenson to Dzorhloe D. and Sylvester C. Adamah, $378,000.

RIVER RUN DR., 8207-Evelyn M. Stephens to Andrew E. Page Sr., $684,000.

RUNNING HORSE PL., 14914-Ronald L. and Theresa A. Tolson Sr. to Valerie C. and Mazen Shakra, $709,900.

SCARLET OAK TERR., 3212-Lisa A. and Mark Costello to Caroline Fakinlede, $322,000.

SCARLET OAK TERR., 3242-James McRae III to Natasha C. Johnson, $291,000.

TRAYMORE LANE, 3020-Patricia Long to Angelina Garcia, $380,000.

WESTMONT LANE, 12210-Rita Rohme to Martin C. Pena, $350,000.

Brandywine Area

AQUASCO RD., 19208-Thomas D. Rock to Cedro Limited, $160,000.

COLWELL DR., 15900-Robert L. and Stephanie M. Runkles to Cassandra J. and Glenn D. Burns, $810,000.

KENNETT SQUARE WAY, 15411-Washington Homes Inc. to David J. Brahame and Nicole C. Brisco, $302,785.

KENNETT SQUARE WAY, 15515-Washington Homes Inc. to Cathy T. and Deniece E. Maston, $309,748.

WHITTHAM DR., 8102-NVR Inc. to Debra A. Dockery, $423,025.

WHITTHAM DR., 8106-NVR Inc. to Tanya and William Crowder, $497,680.

WHITTHAM DR., 8108-NVR Inc. to Darlene Pierre, $525,300.

WILLIAMS DR., 13212-April L. Baldwin to Lisa M. and Michael A. Koncsics, $160,000.

Brentwood Area

TAYLOR ST., 3507-Gertrude T. McCardell to LAFA Inc., $90,000.

WEBSTER ST., 3409-Michelle Arcia to Julio and Antonieta Urla, $290,000.

39TH ST., 4513-Jeanette Gibbons to Melgar W. Lopez, $315,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 5926-Renovation Investment Group to Christopher Grant, $188,330.

AQUAMARINE CT., 6968-Carlene A. and Floyd L. Freeman to Kangni Djikpo, $255,000.

BAYOU AVE., 26-William J. Miller to Monique Hunter, $175,000.

BOOKER DR., 817-Maxine L. Mos and Esther S. Wooten to Tonya D. Barnes, $135,000.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS BLVD., 722-Geraldine V. Taylor to Ebony Saunders, $172,500.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 413-Phyllis C. Pumphrey to George D. Riley Sr., $140,000.

CEDARLEAF AVE., 512-Angela D. Charles to Angela R. Mitchell, $190,000.

DRUM AVE., 1104-Michael A. Jackson to Anthony Thomas, $160,000.

ELDER ST., 6104-Crystal and Anthony A. Price Sr. to Lessel Malbon Jr., $215,000.

ELFIN AVE., 1125-Maurice Smith to Mario A. Tirado, $237,000.

GUNTHER ST., 4824-Adari Investment Inc. to Frenssineh Fuentes, $286,000.

LARCHMONT AVE., 610-A. Danielle Aholi to Alphonso Turner, $226,000.

MALVERN WAY, 5618-Charles M. and Tracy P. Johnson to Frederick Hammond, $240,278.

NOVA AVE., 725-Laura J. and Raphael B. Bello to Earl L. Jackson, $257,000.

NYE ST., 1204-Tyrone and Nina Dixon to Lisa M. and Paul Taylor, $236,000.

QUIETVIEW DR., 1008-Jeffrey M. Toney to Elise L. Awkward and Shelia Johnson, $190,000.

ST. BERNARDINE WAY, 1904-Haywood N. North to Sherner R. Sumter, $206,000.

SHADY GLEN DR., 370-Willie Williams to William T. Lee, $203,000.

UPCOT CT., 1321-Keisha Rollins to Veda M. Hunter, $237,000.

Cheltenham Area

FARRAR AVE., 10504-Aubrey L. Small to Gregory Peeler and Susan Gary Peeler, $373,500.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BELGRAVIA LANE, 7405-Adizat A. and Mustafa Animashaun to Oumar Diakite, $275,000.

BELLEVIEW AVE., 3400-Georgia S.J. Bennett to Ave M. Smith, $269,000.

CEDARWOOD CT., 1848-Russell Morton to Veera Phillips, $185,000.

COLUMBIA AVE., 1508-Anthony Adeyefa to Segun A. Johnson, $255,000.

COLUMBIA PL., 2115-Ronnetta Purvis to Eneanwan Ndiyo, $175,000.

COLUMBIA TERR., 6502-Trevor Eccleston to Michelle Dunbar, $180,000.

DUTCH VILLAGE DR., 1781, No. L-334-Kimberly M. Jackson to Jacqueline M. Cameron, $95,000.

EL PASO ST., 6708-Audrey E. Triplett to Santiago Portillo, $252,000.

ELI PL., 1300-Jacqueline L. Mitchell to Tonja W. and Plentis Dupree Jr., $175,000.

FOREST RD., 6212-Peter Jones to Jessica Huynh and Kai Yu, $250,000.

KILMER ST. E., 7100-Desiree Randolph to Laurel N. Okonkwo, $170,000.

KILMER ST. E., 7204-Orlando C. Barnes to Maria L. and Carlos E. Cruz, $170,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9605, No. 203-Bobbie J. Jordan to Kermit Reynolds, $225,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9808-Suraju Arogundade to Charles Akinmade, $230,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9811, No. 104-Claire Y. Koffi to A. Marie Day, $230,000.

LOCKWOOD RD., 5604-Joan Wienand and John Horn to Jarriel D. Cook, $235,000.

MATTHEW HENSON AVE., 2208-UPMG Inc. to Linz Audain, $179,450.

MOUNTAIN VIEW WAY, 7607-Delma and Claude R. Parran to Almasi W. Wilcots, $250,000.

MUNCY RD., 7627-Helpbase Realty Services Corp. to Ana H. De Castro and Santos C. Alvarez, $169,000.

ORCHARD SUMMITT CT., 2708-Debra J. Wiggins to Nora L. and Hector Moreno, $355,000.

STATE ST., 6005-Marcus Hughes to Julius McKenzie, $236,000.

63RD AVE., 3405-Tim Little to Jose L. Amaya, $350,000.

Clinton Area

ANAIO CT., 8207-Derrick W. and Gaye C. Ramsey to Kennette and Joseph Laird, $346,500.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5780-Minter Cooper III to Bruce Tisdale, $308,500.

BORK DR., 12007-Eric Allen to Naimika G. and Jermaine Reynolds, $380,000.

CASTLE ROCK DR., 7805-Vincent J. and Blanche H. Cook to Donald and Donise M. Johnson, $450,000.

CHRIS MAR AVE., 5812-David G. McLain to Jennifer Brown, $335,000.

DENNISON DR., 6309-Astatkie G. Woyessa to Alicia and Stafford L. Patterson, $555,000.

GATOR PL., 6200-Edwina and Quarry Wilson to Larry Pitts, $345,000.

GREENFIELD LANE, 9103-Edward L. Reeder to Dara Summerville, $290,000.

JEAN CT., 7900-Gordon E. and Phyllis D. Copeland to Patricia and Isaac Mendoza, $400,000.

JERVIS ST., 12906-Lawrence Jr. and Janine M. Carter to Debra A. and Stefan C. Gansert, $499,995.

MIKE SHAPIRO DR., 8102-Sylvester L. Price to Sharon Daniels, $435,000.

NATAHALA DR., 4540-Beverly H. and Issac Floyd to Dawn R. Queen, $415,000.

OLD BRANCH AVE., 8604-Mauricio Lopezceron to Lorena P. Maltez, $370,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 9919-Douglas A. and Candyce E. McCoy to Kyendra N. Tucker and Cheikh Doucoure, $315,000.

RAINTREE WAY, 9923-Janean R. and David A. Bentley to Jacqueline R. Headd, $325,000.

REGAL CT., 7804-Carmen H. and Odell Kennedy Jr. to Rashad Terry, $460,600.

ROYAL FERN CT., 7915-William L. and Cynthia F. Brown to Marcella A. and Wilfred W. Dillard, $411,990.

SUMTER LANE, 8600-Ann E. and Stephen L. Lawson to Mario E. Amaya, $277,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 9011-Samara A. and Frederick L. Simms to Beryl Henry and Vera C. Sequea, $465,000.

WHITE AVE., 10200-William A. Holland Jr. to Debra D. and Darnell V. Childs, $180,000.

College Park Area

BERWYN HOUSE RD., 4831-Paul J. and Elizabeth Richardson to Roger and Su Mei Lee, $264,400.

DAVIDSON ST., 9208-Stephen C. and Mary E. Verikios to Peter D. and Sarah Chang, $447,000.

DREXEL RD., 4602-Douglas P. Desjardins to Rick E. Borchelt, $495,000.

GERONIMO ST., 5000-Nadine Greene to Hugo S. Reyes Diaz, $270,000.

GUILFORD RD., 4612-Jan L. Rishein to Melinda M. Deatley, $445,000.

HARTWICK RD., 4330, No. 216-Clemencia G. Amir to SLN Corp., $195,000.

HARTWICK RD., 4330, No. 507-Loulor Properties Corp. to Hong Chen, $225,000.

HARTWICK RD., 4512-Steven and Tonya D. Brigham to Wendy L. Child and Richard P. Koller, $437,500.

HOPKINS AVE., 7506-Woodley Associates Corp. to Sulochana and Jagdish Patel, $475,000.

KIERNAN RD., 4708-David E. Jr. and Imelda Limones to Manuel D. and Gloria Rivera, $455,500.

LAKELAND RD., 5013-Fen Enterprises Inc. to Lakeland Street Associates Corp., $178,500.

48TH AVE., 8125, No. 103-Chaffee Than Nguyen to Susan E. and Daniel L. Bryan, $255,500.

48TH AVE., 8125, No. 619-P.C.F. Properties in Maryland Corp. to Jo B. Fogel, $256,000.

49TH AVE., 8702-Ross E. Eichberg to Karyn Keating Volke, $440,000.

51ST PL., 9713-Peter N. Ponton to Danielle and Tyler Kutch, $309,500.

District Heights Area

DAVENTRY TERR., 5244-Charlie Frierson Jr. to Claudine A. and David D. Neal, $242,000.

DONNELL PL., 7312, No. C-6-Roshell V.J. Whitley to Darrell Graham, $125,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. N., 6121-Cheryl Gordon to Alhaji Barrie, $240,000.

JORDAN PARK BLVD., 8103-Surayyah A. Rashid to Lanettra Jones, $208,000.

MARLBORO PIKE, 6916-BTK Residential Corp. to Francisco A. Guevara, $200,000.

NYACK PL., 6604-Robert C. and Julia E. Lynch to Sandra and Ines A. and Jose A. Lazo, $275,000.

PRINCESS STEPHANIE CT., 3324-Patricia D. Miles to Ian Small and Michelle Redwood, $250,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8545-Edith M. and Keith A. Parris to Brenda B. Mackey, $236,000.

RITCHIE RD., 1540-Maggie L. and Donald M. Gibson to Alicia D. Gibson, $267,000.

ROUND HILL LANE, 3506-Shellie M.R. and Rodney D. Dabney to Jose M. Orellana, $257,000.

SUNVALLEY TERR., 6302-Kelvin D. Bennett to Lashawn Strickland, $235,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2734-Roosevelt Willis Jr. to Tonya Barbour, $239,000.

Fort Washington Area

BELLA VISTA TERR., 8315-Rodney A. and Ryan Speed to Michael Scott, $375,000.

BUCHANAN DR., 13457-Garry and Lashelle D. Brown to Jose and Mario C. Oretea, $355,000.

BUCKMASTER LANE, 800-Bettie Smith Powell to Irene Gomez, $340,000.

COLONEL SEWARD DR., 8512-NVR Inc. to Teresa Dykes and Anthony Mainelli, $632,930.

FORT FOOTE RD., 9509-Frances M. Kirkland to Tony B. Joe and Sharon G. Green, $355,000.

HALLWOOD PL., 12808-Barbara S. and Kenneth Bond to Douglas R. Charles, $375,000.

JACQUELINE DR., 9604-Lorina and Willie T. Raines to Robert Childs, $299,200.

KERBY HILL RD., 406-Antonie and Marlon Baxter to Joyce H. and James Saul, $190,000.

LANHAM LANE, 7401-James E. and Margaret M. Cigno to Julio I. Ruano and Juan D. Leon, $260,000.

MARY PL., 2616-Janice H. and Bruce E. Mitchell to Brenda A. Gwynn, $450,000.

MIKE RD., 10104-Washington Homes Inc. to Megan M. Handley, $489,443.

MONTEREY CIR., 12518-Dexter K.B. and Marilyn E. Coleman to Emerge Homes Inc., $200,000.

PARKTON ST., 12204-Keith Robinson to Ernest E. and William T. Mullins, $355,000.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6800-Anna E. Smallwood to Fatima N. Boyd and James Bates Jr., $205,000.

THOMAS RD., 1615-Alvester Freeman Corp. to Denise and Gary Neal, $336,000.

THORNKNOLL DR., 2307-Phillip and Tanja C. Thompson to Marcia G. and George E. Pickett Sr., $595,000.

TINKERS BRANCH WAY, 3305-NVR Inc. to Delilah Y. and Gene H. Calvert Sr., $628,495.

TINKERS BRANCH WAY, 3313-NVR Inc. to Hamlin and Diana Ross, $611,350.

VELTRI DR., 8105-Margaret K. and Leo G. Nelson to Angela M. Travers, $345,000.

WARBURTON DR., 13221-Valenci and Emmett J. Jenkins Jr. to Le Van Pham, $329,999.

WOOD HOLLOW PL., 2721-Washington Mutual Bank to Kenneth J. Claytor, $155,000.

WOOD HOLLOW TERR., 7256-Gregory E. Ellis to Elmore L. Abbitt, $165,000.

Glenn Dale Area

FAIRWAY CT., 12009-Robert L. and Roxann King to Melissa L. Mays and James R. King, $325,000.

GLENN DALE WOODS CT., 5113-David R. Mitchell to Kosmo D. Scott, $432,000.

GLENWOOD CT., 6805-William T. and Joyce B. Leech to Marco I. Herrera, $395,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8421-Eileen J. and Elly C. Tsai to Evan Woo, $195,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8461, No. 201-Kelly Sharpless to Kimberly Watkins, $130,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8477-Claudia J. Butler to Latrese Y. Spears, $175,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6946, No. 100-Jeannette and Bruce Fisanich to Annie E. Johnson, $225,000.

LASTNER LANE, 120-Charles A. Jr. and Mary L. Barr to Ann S. Wheaton and Jonathan E. Currier, $381,000.

MEGAN LANE, 6815-Tu H. and Susie Kim to Ha Nguyen and Uyen Oh, $585,000.

TAMARISK CT., 109-Donna G. Chin to Natalie Kramer, $390,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 5004-Noe Cano to Alma Merlin, $287,900.

CRITTENDEN ST., 5315-Albert V. Lawrence to Raymond Wright, $240,000.

56TH AVE., 4924-Vicente and Emilio Hernandez to Rosa C. Jovel and Wendy Zambrano, $240,000.

Langley Park Area

NAVAHOE DR., 8341-Barbara Webster to Jorge Perez, $280,000.

12TH AVE., 8426-Hector M. and Monica E. Ramirez to Tomas Guevara and Zulma Garcia, $275,000.

12TH AVE., 8428-Monica and Hector M. Ramires to David Alfaro, $280,000.

Lanham Area

BROOM LANE, 10307-Terri L. and Anthinino T. Galloway to Benjamin Ashe, $310,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 6721-Henrietta H. and Donald D. Love to Valdelia Gayle, $365,000.

CENTER AVE., 5522-Margaret C. Lucas to Abdulkder Yahya, $320,000.

FORBES BLVD., 6829-Brenda Y. Nolan to Michael Abobor, $331,000.

GALILEO WAY, 7303-Kandadai G.E. Venkatraman to Ikechukwu E. and Ikenna J. Dike, $530,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 6512-Ira K. and Madeline H. Jones to Mary P. Belen and Thelma R. Fulgueras, $384,700.

KURTH LANE, 7131-Gregory L. Dees to Ibrahim Awuni, $296,000.

LANHAM STATION RD., 5604, No. 123-Ann Z. and Michael W. Mills to Devonne Fields, $346,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 6907-Blanca and Luis E. Lopez to Emily Akande, $390,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 9447-Lavell Merritt Jr. to Nicole D. Parks, $356,700.

WOODSTREAM LANE, 6943-Olunbunmi Okeowo to Jubril A. and Abimbola Adegbola, $285,000.

91ST PL., 8903-Deborah Aram and Gilbert Francis to Felina Contreras, $300,000.

94TH AVE., 6404-Harriet G. and Thomas W. Berge to Adama Toure, $340,000.

Largo Area

AZALEA CT., 150, No. 25-4-Pamela Day to Barbie Wilson, $210,000.

AZALEA CT., 170, No. 23-6-Suzette Grant to Margaret Lucas, $170,000.

BLAKETON ST., 12000-David Petty to Kevin D. and Soni L. Chapman, $415,000.

BLAKETON ST., 12112-William E. Sutton to Alaric G. Brown, $374,200.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3049-B-Nancy J. Pressley to Osmond C. Chambers, $155,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3265-A-Jerome J. Jones to Columbus and Cheryl Fuller, $178,000.

EASINGWOLD LANE, 15601-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to Sheila Y. and Marcus T. Harris, $165,000.

GALESHEAD DR., 2503-NVR Inc. to Maria N. and Dionisio Rivera, $686,800.

MARKBY CT., 12305-Toya A. and James L. Reynolds to Elhadji Sy, $370,000.

MOORES PLAINS BLVD., 2602-Mid Atlantic Builders of Beechtre to Gail A. and Edward R. Bowles, $726,877.

PINE NEEDLE CT., 13802-Washington Homes Inc. to Janet and Gerald M. Hogg, $543,105.

RIVER WALK TERR., 10007-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Carla R. Jones, $579,810.

Laurel Area

ARBORY LANE S., 7652-Thaddeus Lurie to David H. Mattson, $263,000.

ASHFORD BLVD., 8042-Joan L. McCurry to Adrienne M. Kendrick, $350,000.

ASHFORD CT., 14817-Yolande L. Pickens to Florence C. Manglapuz, $310,000.

ASHFORD PL., 14841, No. 304-Lesean and Ayanna N. Thomas to Rafiu Ogunfowora, $295,000.

AVONDALE ST., 47-Esther F. and Earl J. Brake Sr. to Marvin A. Villatoro, $305,000.

BEALL RD., 7702-Armando D. and Kerri A. Punsalan to Delmys A. Ortez and Jose C. Molina, $479,900.

BELLE AMI DR., 14943-Cheryln M. and Jason Abbott to Trinette and Michael W. Curtis, $265,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7800-Stacy B. Gordon to Alba G. Correa and Juan C. Diaz, $283,500.

CHESTNUT RIDGE DR., 8618-Vijay Hariharan to Ernesto and Alvia McKenzie, $380,000.

DORSET RD., 15927-Kenneth S. and Sharon L. Smith to John C. and Pamela M. Daniels, $295,000.

FOREST MILL LANE, 6400-Sean M. and Carrie A. Gahagan to Natalia and Charles Jordan, $424,000.

FORESTS EDGE CT., 7403-Dennis C. and Marilyn G. Eshoo to Marilyn G. and Dennis C. Eshoo, $445,475.

KILLBARRON DR., 7805-NVR Inc. to Josefina and Martin Granados, $831,530.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8115-Dante and Kelly Parham to Anna Asantewea and Yaa S. Tawiah, $300,000.

MEWS CT., 15655-Luz M. Mejia and Juan F. Ramos to Jose D. Umanzor, $265,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15703-Sherrie A. Pastor to Jenee J. and Ian Pharoah, $290,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15710-Margaret L. Hing to Tamara S. Dixon, $250,000.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14104-Sabrina Hare to Nicole Brooks, $310,000.

SHADOW PARK CT., 7402-Michael Harris Development to Cloria S. and Clinton T. Willis, $485,187.

SOUTH SHORE CT., 14306-Anthony D. Williams to Ernesto Marez, $200,000.

VISTA DR., 14037, No. 171-C-Kevin A. Johnson to Joseph Kearney, $190,000.

WEST CT., 1002-Quentin L. Adams to Ekpenwiyisi Izore, $185,000.

Montpelier Area

BLACKWOOD CT., 11908-Donald L. Jr. and Shelly Fridell to Rafael E. and Reina I. Gutierrez, $400,000.

CREEKVIEW DR., 9342-Naomi L. and Gilbert L. Crouse to Andrea S. Pope, $395,000.

FAIRLANE PL., 9213-Darryl L. Mitchell to Philip N. Price, $366,000.

GRAMERCY LANE, 8817-Thelma and Frank D. Savat to Jawanza K. Colvin, $439,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11321-Jovina E. Allen to Alexandra D. Johnson, $130,000.

MONTAGUE DR., 12012-Thomas H. and Kelli S. Thornton to Katherine G. and Daniel B. Cooper, $412,000.

SNOWDEN RD., 9904-Jody D. and Kenneth S. Po Smith to Maria J. and Rafael Guevara, $450,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8411-Sharian E. Taylor to Erica O. Mason, $283,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8436-Vanessa L. and Milton J. Robinson to Melvin Laylock, $275,000.

SNOWDEN WOODS RD., 12204-Michael R. and Wendy L. Blount to Ezell Lester, $522,100.

SUMNER GROVE DR., 9209-Sumner Grove Corp. to Jon and Eva Kubiczek Love, $551,973.

Mount Rainier Area

33RD ST., 4111-Segal General Partnership to Lea A. and Stuart Mawler, $310,000.

36TH ST., 3713-Donna E. Wilson to Michael P. Fanuele, $237,000.

New Carrollton Area

ADRIAN ST., 6614-Larry A. and Shelley Polokoff to Godson and Funmilayo Okutuga, $375,000.

ELDRIDGE ST., 6819-6819 Eldridge Street Corp. to Alvaro R. Gutierrez, $310,000.

EMERSON RD., 7700-Cesar E. and Rosanna Alca Perez to Jorge A. and Sonia M. Hernandez, $300,000.

FAIRBORN TERR., 6446-Angela Kim to Olivia R. Lucero, $360,000.

FARMCREST DR., 7412-Guardian Express Corp. to Antionette V. Lynch, $222,500.

FREDERICK RD., 7720-Leonel Prude and Blanca Sorto to Jose Bautista, $285,000.

HANSON OAKS DR., 4056-Sharone Williams to Cheree D. Moody, $250,000.

LANDING WAY, 6600-Talia L. and Simeon L. Bush to Jessica L. Plude, $376,390.

MACBETH ST., 5427-Beswick B. and Norma E. Brown to Margoth D. and Jose L. Ventura, $205,000.

RAVENSWOOD RD., 8423-David J. and Thornette A. Leacock to Reyna and Santiago Escobar, $375,230.

57TH AVE., 3500-Olakunle Ogundeji to Anna Tendongfack, $329,000.

70TH PL., 5001-Mildred C. Harmon to Generations Real Estate Inc., $192,000.

71ST AVE., 4107-Robbin D. Nwalipenja to Maura A. Mayorga and Miguel A. Paz, $260,000.

73RD AVE., 4011-Aileen C. and Joseph E. Wentz Jr. to Carmelita R. Perea, $310,000.

85TH AVE., 5400, No. 203-Ameerah A. Bello to Maurice Purvis, $85,000.

85TH AVE., 5708-Carlos A. and Dinora Escobar to Luis Gonzalez and Ramon Flores, $379,000.

85TH AVE., 5904-Norma B. and Kenneth M. Jenson to Kagnachew Chanyalew, $350,000.

85TH PL., 6419-Renate E. Brevard to Patrick J. Hoke, $188,000.

87TH AVE., 6206-Jesse K. Hill to Roger S. Solorzano, $310,000.

87TH AVE., 6227-John F. English to Henry Solis and Graciela A. Saenz, $359,650.

Oxon Hill Area

DEAL DR., 5213-Pearl Q. Charles to Maria A. and Jose Hernandez, $182,500.

KENMONT RD., 5209-Steven Fenwick to Tawanda Foster, $146,000.

SNOWFLOWER BLVD., 4807-Andre and Darleen P. Perry to Abdoulaye Keita, $300,000.

TERRELL AVE., 5807-Maureen P. and Robert Kee to Donald L. Pong, $160,000.

TERRELL AVE., 5909-Barbara J. and Henry L. Smith to Jose L. Coreas, $268,000.

WESTFIELD DR., 1110-Michelle B. Byers to Mirian M. Aguirre and Cesar A.G. Lopez, $260,000.

WESTFIELD DR., 1118-Edward J. Wilhelm to Gloria J. Edmonds, $170,000.

Riverdale Area

CLEVELAND AVE., 5805-Frances O. Barrett to Maria I. Moreno, $306,000.

MADISON ST., 6007-Tracey C. Grant to Jacqueline R. Halliman, $215,000.

NORMAN AVE., 6008-C. Kriston Coney to Mary K. Shelley and Ralph O. Dubayah, $190,000.

QUINTANA ST., 5413-Tamara Sadowski to Buenerge J. Nolasco, $260,000.

TAYLOR RD., 5401-Sandra R. Stringer to Juan Coreas, $435,000.

46TH AVE., 6307-Ruby M. and Ernest E. Joynes to James L. Caddell, $200,000.

58TH AVE., 6133-Delmys A. Ort and Jose C. Molina to Mariano Guillen, $320,900.

61ST PL., 5604-Margaret Shorter to Donald and Evanda James, $225,000.

Suitland Area

AUTH WAY, 5604-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Sandra Y. Agnew, $323,483.

BONITA ST., 3406-Edward F. McQuade to Anthony D. Coley, $295,000.

CRAB APPLE CT., 4114-Lamont and Tameshiah Mu Shipley to Tonya and Kenneth Trice, $206,000.

EWING AVE., 2310-Frances B. and Richard Jones to Donald G. Hill, $60,000.

MARIANNE DR., 6706-Luz V. and Ramon L. Negron to Tomas A. Martinez, $290,000.

MILLEDGE BLVD., 4203-Centex Homes to Christopher Gordon, $286,720.

MILLEDGE BLVD., 4238-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Robert E. Samuels II, $342,080.

RANDOLPH RD., 6501-Clara J. Shaw to Fausto Vigil and Marina D.C. Romero, $165,000.

SUITLAND RD., 6530-Robin I. and Donald M. Brown to Jose A. Ayala, $236,000.

SWANN RD., 3405-Theressa R. and Lee J. Crews to Tresa E. Payne, $250,000.

Temple Hills Area

BRINKLEY RD., 3126, No. 101-Jack B. Ferrari to June A. and Douglas A. Sanford, $110,000.

DAWN LANE, 2276-Geraldine J. and Curtis L. Hart to Elneta Chance, $210,000.

EASTON ST., 2521-Michael and Latricia Henderson to Adrianne M. Burton, $265,000.

HOPE DR., 6004-Theresa D. Chase to Kevin Jackson, $300,000.

HUNTLAND RD., 5710-Karen I. and N. Saleem Hylton to Latonya V. Gutrick, $360,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3311, No. T-1-Isabel J. Marin to Jose F. Liriano and Unit T.1., $110,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3314, No. A-2-Kelvica J. Singletary to Courtney and Carolyn Knight, $129,500.

IVERSON ST., 2515-Earlene A. Harrison to Michael D. Brown, $126,000.

IVERSON ST., 2776, No. 83-Annie Curry to Carol and Charles Transou, $112,500.

JOAN LANE, 5616-Desmond and Jamaico N. Jenkins to Jose R. Marquez, $235,000.

KEATING ST., 2402-Carmen E. and Duanlley E. Dawkins to Jessena E. Briscoe, $207,000.

KEPPLER PL., 4713-Malaina D. Mowatt to Lachelle P. and Brendt C. Johnson, $420,000.

LEISURE DR., 4101-Todd and Telethea Bozeman to Daisy P. and Jesse Bennett, $350,000.

MARK DR., 6304-Linda S. Travis to Shirl and Aaron Jennings, $310,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 6008-Deborah A. and Thomas D. Gregg to Juan J. Hernandez, $280,000.

ORME DR., 3603-Robert J. and Margaret L. Slodysko to Martha L. and Hector O. Santos, $350,000.

RICKEY AVE., 3407-Zenaida M. Manahan to Escarlet and Larry Marzan, $285,000.

ST. MORITZ DR., 6020-Michelle D. Collins to Demetrius Brown and Tamara A. Henry, $207,000.

ST. CLAIR DR., 2442-Karen D. and Vincent L. Chambers to Alfred Hagler, $200,000.

TAMWORTH CT., 4705-Mary K. Munari to Debra L. and Samuel L. Cooley, $180,000.

WILKINS DR., 5115-James L. and Margaret Singleton to Joann and Raymond S. Harrison, $201,000.

26TH AVE., 3302-Lydia Wade to Kristi B. and Brian T. Hardy, $200,000.

28TH AVE., 3804, No. 126-Iverson Square Condo Association to Monica E. Hudnell, $123,000.

28TH PKWY., 3124-Keacha Medley to Recole Byrd, $180,000.

31ST AVE., 3211-Gail Johnson to Joanne E. Thomas, $135,000.

University Park- West Hyattsville Area

INGRAHAM ST., 2112-Gnassoun and Arabia T. Camara to Maria E. Umanzor and Jose F. Bonilla, $347,000.

MANORWOOD DR., 3539-Hesham A. Eldardiry to Alaa Yousef, $273,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4013-Thomas W. and Mary A. Cochran to Dianalee A. and Matthew McKnight, $360,000.

SOMERSET ST., 2003-Jose R. Reyes to Irene G. Oram, $330,000.

TUCKERMAN ST., 2005-Marco Hernandez to Jilmer Robles, $309,000.

WELLS PKWY., 7008-Betty S. Johnson to Gunes and Hayri Berberoglu, $535,000.

30TH AVE., 5811-Leiby M. Rios and Jose A. Polio to Santos R. Reyes, $365,000.

39TH PL., 6008-Matthew S. and Joy H. Kauffman to James Jenkins and Katherine Osborne, $354,000.

40TH AVE., 6705-Selwyn B. and Pearl E. Walter trust to Clarence and Vesna K. Ng, $305,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BARENTON DR., 14211-Geneva M. Pickens to Jeannine J. Jackson, $295,000.

BERWICK RD., 8410-Rhonda M. and Stephen L. Burrowes to Nellie M. Hammond, $388,000.

BINGHAMPTON PL., 8638-Renee Williams to Roy A. White, $175,000.

BIRDIE LANE, 10003-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Sandra J. Wright and Chonte James, $536,645.

BROOKMEAD CT., 16233-Shronda Robaina to Roshanda L. Shoulders, $242,000.

BROOKWOOD AVE., 10803-Joanne and William A. Vanblarcum to Carolyn Russell, $335,000.

CHIP SHOT LANE, 12113-Patriot Homes Inc. to Farrah and Earle V. Johnson, $583,808.

CHURCHVILLE DR., 13811-Monica Waddell to Babita A. Reis, $291,000.

ELEANOR BROOKE WAY, 5316-Jessie H. Cole to Amos W. Owuor, $310,000.

GOVERNOR KENT CT., 4607-Michele C. Biscoe to Monica Wilks, $300,000.

HALLOWAY NORTH, 3504-Hope Adams to Teodora and Oscar A. Lopez, $350,000.

HOLLY HOCK CT., 11704-Washington Homes Inc. to Tammy Hill, $484,491.

KING GEORGE WAY, 13924-Adrienne Aultmon to Jean and Karen Kirksey, $239,900.

LOCHTON ST., 11109-La Trina R. Graves to Betty and James Jones, $304,000.

MARLBORO PIKE, 9605-Charles E. and Clarisse H. Choux to Young Y. and Hee Y. Hwang, $325,000.

MATAPEAKE DR., 3003-Estella L.T. Skinner to Shonelle Ricks, $285,000.

MEADOW LARK AVE., 9501-Dower Ridge Corp. to Ralph K. Brown, $473,634.

MIDSTOCK LANE, 13013-Erik Davis to Preston Smith, $345,000.

M OUN T LUBENTIA CT., 699-Linda D. Freeman to Brenda Rice, $253,016.

M OUN T LUBENTIA WAY, 11102-Kevin Basil to Marcus A. Hughes, $410,000.

OLD ENTERPRISE RD., 106-Equator Stroman to Demetra T. Wallace, $209,000.

PRINCE PL., 10234, No. 17-201-Leslie A. Wiggins to Brenda Dews, $176,000.

RIPON PL., 13108-Kaleaf M. Boykin Sr. to Devon D. and Brian M. Wade, $285,000.

TIMBERLINE DR., 10705-Pamela and Anthony C. Jolly to Charles H. Barner III, $338,400.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12605-Jack D. and Barbara W. St. Clair to Maria Fletcher, $318,000.

WACO DR., 10820-Andrew F. and Inez Uhl to Tabi Essa, $442,000.

WELSHIRE DR., 10401-Alicia Seagrave to Patricia Rudolph, $415,000.

Woodmore- Lake Arbor Area

DANUBE LANE, 14602-Karen D.A. Emory to Edith Emelife Gigger, $520,000.

DOWNING CT., 1023-Leonard L. Shellman to Samuel Owusu, $320,000.

DUNWOOD VALLEY DR., 14803-Brian R. and Janet E. Lomax to Thornette A. and David J. Leacock, $675,000.

DURBIN CT., 2204, No. 9-NVR Inc. to Ethel G. Horton, $430,490.

INVERRARY CT., 11102-Lynda Ukwu Thomas to Jacqueline Robinson, $470,000.

JAMES RIDGE RD., 803-Gwendolyn A. Wooden to Tina M. and Byron A. Tucker, $706,875.

JENNINGS LANE, 15204-James E. and Angela Holt to Wayne Hill and Carol E. Reid, $470,000.

KINGS ARROW ST., 12213-Cleda Williams to Bertrand O. and Gladys C. Onunkwo, $385,000.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 1037-Joseph E. Jr. and Linda M. Piatt to Mai and Steven A. Leigh, $320,000.

TRILLUM CT., 1603-Bessie M. and Guss Westfield Jr. to Alagdjou A. Tchama, $575,000.

TULIP TREE DR., 9909-Ivonia K. Slade to Jamie Roberson, $390,000.

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