Best & Worst

Monday, December 19, 2005

Best Win: Redskins fans could not have asked for a better result than Washington's 35-7 trouncing of its biggest rival. Plus, the win kept the Redskins' playoff hopes alive and perhaps dealt a fatal blow to the Cowboys' hopes.

Worst Tackling Technique: Early in the second quarter, Dallas cornerback Terence Newman spun around and tried to tackle Ladell Betts with his back. We'll applaud Newman for his innovation, but certainly not for his results. Betts pushed Newman over and then trampled him, forcing the cornerback out of the game for a full quarter. We're guessing Newman will stick with a more traditional approach.

Best Case of Deja Vu: Santana Moss gave the Cowboys a brutal case of the flashbacks with his 42-yard reception in the second quarter that set up the Redskins' second touchdown. Much like he did twice in the fourth quarter in Dallas earlier this season, Moss got behind a cornerback (this time Aaron Glenn) and made a clutch catch.

Best Two-Minute Offense: Or, perhaps more accurately, best 15-second offense. With 1 minute 40 seconds left in the first half, the Redskins started a drive at the Cowboys 34. It took Washington two plays to score, with the touchdown coming on a three-yard pass to H-back Mike Sellers that gave the Redskins a 21-0 lead.

Best Two-Minute Offense, Part II: Thanks to a Marcus Washington interception and his ensuing 41-yard return, the Redskins enjoyed another chance to run their two-minute offense in the first half. This time, the Redskins took two plays and 17 seconds to drive 38 yards. They scored on a 30-yard pass to Chris Cooley.

Best Time to Leave: After the Redskins scored early in the third quarter to build a 35-0 lead, some Redskins fans -- and a lot of Cowboys fans -- headed for the exits. And why not? The slow, sluggish final 25 minutes made the remaining fans long for a popular high school rule: When a team leads by 35 in the second half, the clock never stops running.

Worst Escape Attempt: Come to think of it, Drew Bledsoe probably wished the clock ran, too. When he saw Phillip Daniels lumbering toward him in the third quarter, Bledsoe quickly dropped to the ground, hitting the turf before the defensive end even reached him. That marked the Redskins' sixth sack. Maybe Bledsoe had been conditioned to go down.

Worst Congratulatory Mobbing: After Jason Witten finally put the Cowboys on the board with a two-yard touchdown catch early in the fourth quarter, his teammates ran into the end zone and hugged him. Maybe Dallas forgot that, juxtaposed to the image of their celebration on the scoreboard, the score read Washington 35, Dallas 6.

-- Eli Saslow and Gene Wang

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