Stamping Out a Sole Source of Germs

Dr. Doormat has an antimicrobial Rx.
Dr. Doormat has an antimicrobial Rx.
Thursday, December 29, 2005

Germ control starts at the front door for Debbie Greenspan of Rockville, who grew up battling allergies and asthma. After daughter Haley was born in 2002, Greenspan became increasingly concerned about household allergens and toxins. With a professional background in hotel and restaurant management -- she worked in the hotel industry for 20 years, and had taken many classes in housekeeping and sanitation -- she knew many contaminants were tracked indoors on the bottoms of shoes, so she went looking for experts to help her develop a doormat to keep the mold, mildew and other microorganisms outside.

After two years of research, she went into production with Dr. Doormat, based on antimicrobial technology used in medical and consumer products, including disposable diapers. The rubber-backed 2-by-3-foot mat, available in three colors, sells for $59 at .

"Every time you step on a common doormat, you create a springboard to track all this filth into the house that was not just on the shoes, but was residing on the doormat for as long as it's been sitting there," Greenspan says.

Could you persuade your Corgi to use it? Greenspan says you can't teach dogs "to wipe their paws, but you can walk them around in a circle on the mat."

Jura Koncius

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