Home Sales

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fairfax County

The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visithttp://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

EDGEHILL DR., 1806-Douglas C. McPherson to Gant Redmon, $1.895 million.

KENYON DR., 6906-Ruth Ann Goings to Matthew Truslow and Rosemary Tunney, $350,000.

OLDE TOWNE RD., 1212-John and Stella E. Kelshian to Clare Fleming, $490,000.

VILLAMAY BLVD., 1210-J. Christopher and Emily S. Naftzger to Thomas and Mary Lundregan, $850,000.

WAKE FOREST DR., 1305-H. Mark and Susan V. Friese to Jennifer B. Weiss, $749,900.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 701-L. Mark Newman and A. Wasson Stacia to Stephen M. Terpak, $137,500.

WAKEFIELD DR. W., 6706, No. B1-Lisa L. Deifer to Gerald Sitrin, $301,000.

10TH ST., 6609, No. B1-Cendant Mobility Relocation Co. to Patrick W. and Shalena L. Wiley, $300,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ASHBY LANE, 7510, No. D-John M. Malherek to K.J. Daniels, $346,655.

BERKSHIRE DR., 6516-Modcon Inc. to Mohammed M. Bashir, $470,000.

BROOKLEIGH WAY, 6512-Pamela D. Ricks to Kyle and Stephanie B. Reybitz, $420,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6552-Muhammad I. Naseem and Mahmooda Akhtar to Jemille Tumang, $360,000.

CLIFTON KNOLL CT., 7022-Robert C. and Cynthia M. Gittrich to Robert J. and Jacqueline B. Moran, $900,000.

COOL VALLEY CT., 6213-John Thompson and Denise Moser to Eric MacFarlane, $370,000.

CROMWELL PL., 6028-James A. and Cynthia L. Davies to Mohammed Masood Anwer, $525,000.

CURTIER DR., 6009, No. A-Lisa Stubenrauch to Renate and Vanessa K. Hamilton, $305,000.

DEWEY DR., 6007-Alan R. and Barbara J. Kunkel to John D. and Kristine A. Caraway, $494,000.

DIGBY GREEN, 7440-David R. Gibson to Shelley B. Neel and Samuel P. Swearingen, $485,000.

DUVAWN ST., 4207-Gabriel and Priscilla M. Dedu to Daniel and Leonor E. Flores, $525,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5916, No. 304-Marilyn C. Valdez to Russell G. Harrison, $426,000.

FRANCONIA RD., 4315-Mahshid Elliott to Mauro R. Canas and Reyna Amparo Umanzor, $520,000.

GULF HILL CT., 7201-Webster W.L. and Andrea R. Procter to Salahuddin Ayubi, $549,900.

HATHERLEIGH CT., 7441-Lisa R. Halpin to Guillermo and Brenda Galarza, $441,870.

HEATHERWAY CT., 6846-Jane Marie Loyer to Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp., $359,000.

HEATHERWOOD DR., 6075-Kim K. and Benjamin K. Leavenworth to Charles F. and Deborah L. Burch, $450,000.

HIGH VALLEY LANE, 6635-James C. Akers to Daniel J. and Stacey Byrne, $405,900.

HIGHAM DR., 6221-Charles F. and Deborah L. Burch to Sharon T. Blackwell, Herbert L. Tyson and Lois A. Tyson, $999,999.

LAWSONS HILL PL., 3187-William C. and Joan P. Mould to Eva Yi Zheng, $430,000.

LOCUST LEAF LANE, 7810-Francisco Ferrer to Audra T. Jolicoeur, $545,500.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6908, No. D-Kimberly R. Grunett to Vanessa K. Hamilton, $240,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6947-Phaedra T. Long to Siham Youmouri, $320,000.

MERSEY OAKS WAY, 6009-William M. Pittman to Rigoberto and Evelyn Decastro, $289,000.

OLD CARRIAGE LANE, 6553-Steven Jack to Doris G. Esparcia, $327,500.

ORDSALL ST., 6692-N. Jean Leach and Stephen M. Coombe to Barry A. and Paula M. Craft, $696,000.

PATIENCE CT., 6386-Cynthia B. Farmer to Girmachew Hailu, $359,000.

SANDRA MARIE CIR., 6900, No. B-William E. Flavin to Ronald and Teresa Saldana, $340,000.

TELEGRAPH RD., 5918-Melton C. McGuire to Sharon Chapel Corp., $2.508 million.

THACKWELL WAY, 6601, No. L-Esther Firmin to Phillip and John Ahad, $360,000.

THURLTON DR., 6610-Samuel and Romelia Calderon to James W. and Cynthia O. Dillon, $650,000.

VALLEY VIEW DR., 5792-Daniel W. and Genoveva C. Coulopoulos to Raymond N. and Karen Davis Miller, $805,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6905, No. D-Africa R. Bell to Allison E. Brogan, $298,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5816-Jay N. Vizgaitis and Isabel M. Fernandez to Adam Wheeler and Jaclyn G. Woodruff, $420,000.

WESTCHESTER ST., 5903-Pamela Diggins to Daniel W. Peters and Nicole L. Wanner, $600,000.

WIGMORE LANE, 6103, No. J-Russell G. Harrison to Michael Herres, $365,000.

WINDHAM HILL RUN, 6213-Jefferson and Mary E. Dix to Shawn and Sharon W. Sussin, $610,000.

Annandale Area

ASHLEY GLEN RD., 7832-Christopher Paczkowski and Eleanor Alderson to Kevin R. and Heather A. Leonard, $501,100.

BACKLICK RD., 5004-Charles M. Sabruno to Ahmad Latif and Farid Ehsan, $500,000.

BYRNELEY LANE, 7305-Wanda L. Goforth to Chung S. and Hyung Byon and Chung W. Han and Sue Han, $650,000.

CAMELOT DR., 3617-John C. Pemberton and Kathy L. Cox to Stephen J. Marana and Brian P. Phelps, $645,000.

CHIVALRY RD., 8104-Anne W. Reins to John R. and Donna L. Rivoire, $700,000.

COVENT WOOD CT., 7496-Un Suk Hwang to Nancy S. Fonnegra and Hugo Cepeda, $445,000.

DANBY DR., 7856-Claudette E. Chandonia to Saeed Toossi and Iraj Mohandesi, $425,000.

EXETER ST., 4708-Mary Y. Skube to James R. and Suzanne Fouche, $477,000.

FERN LANE, 6812-Joanne Laposa to Katherine J. Anders, $575,000.

FIVE GATES RD., 8303-Edward D. and Margaret E. Keeton to Lalo Rojas, $615,000.

KING RICHARD DR., 4917-Donald William Stigers to David L., W. James, Patricia Q. and Winfrey R. Host, $540,000.

KNOX RD., 3412-Tia D. Yoder and Daniel H. Iwerks to Saeed Pashmin, $605,000.

LINETTE LANE, 5162-James A. Longmore to Yong W. and Laura L. Kim, $520,000.

PICKETT CT., 3830-Karen E. Bray and Timothy M. O'Donnell to Nicholas P. Rimando and Jacqueline E. Little, $580,000.

ROSEDALE LANE, 8710-Il Hee and Young Mi Chung to Young Chol Song, $640,000.

ROYSTON ST., 7813-Dong Hee and Im Ja Cho to Young Ae Jung, $525,000.

SAUQUOIT LANE, 4939-Solangel Molina to Luis Naula, $425,000.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RD., 4101-Quy Gam Thi Luong to Khiem T. Pham, $600,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3332, No. 23-Marion A. Chew to Sandra E. Bush, $275,000.

WOODLAND RD., 4022-Angela L. Staley to Willy Fernandez, $515,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

HARDWICK PL., 6014-Claude G. Berube to Johnny and Jeanie P. Canedo, $490,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6139, No. 506-Nazanin Eshragh to Bonifacio and Beatriz Jimenez, $285,000.

MADISON POINTE CT., 6100-Fatme Hammouda to Manuel Lopez, $580,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 6501-Ray A. and Katherine L. Green to Miguel Obando, $590,000.

PAUL ST., 3601-Martin W. Ramirez to Jose Urrutia, $550,000.

RIO DR., 3245, No. 307-Bettie Y. Kidder to Debra Hoffman, $250,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 610S-Mary Ann Gaydos to Adi H. Hamad, $270,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1414N-Robert G. King to Jose Maria Parisi, $299,900.

Burke Area

BRIDGETOWN CT., 5824, No. 17-Rafael Antezana to Roger Pinto, $385,000.

CARRINDALE CT., 6015-Charles L. and Elizabeth L. Stanley to Christopher M. Fry, $605,000.

HIGH WATER CT., 9780-Warren Williams to Steven and Tichakorn Hill, $440,000.

LAKE BRADDOCK DR., 9201-Michael S. and Karen A. Edens to Fredy R. and Cristina P. Zamorano, $660,000.

LAKEPOINTE DR., 9721-Brian P. and Laura C. Anderson to Jeremy P. and Elizabeth H. Seitz, $420,000.

LIGHT INFANTRY DR., 5609-Bruce C. and Jeanne A. Martin to Robert C. and Sherrie L. Benbow, $576,000.

LIGHTHOUSE LANE, 5408-Johney and Hong J. Chong to Soo Chil and Kyung Sook Kim, $406,000.

MIZZEN PL., 7304-James A. and Jacqueline L. Thomas to Justin and Laura Gideon, $649,950.

NATICK RD., 9900-Troy R. and Rebecca H. Calvert to Lisa M. Hughes, $692,500.

OLD LANDING WAY, 6106, No. 61-David B. Fields to Manuel C. Dutan, $368,000.

PORTSIDE DR., 9807-Kenneth H. and Nancy B. Zilli to Morton L. and Suzanne Long, $1.175 million.

SAND CREEK CT., 9225-Rong T. Chen to Aurelio Correa, $399,000.

SASSAFRAS WOODS CT., 10147-W. Brian Kirby and Denise E. Nixon to Juan C. and Veronica Suarez, $400,000.

SPRUCEWOOD RD., 9226-Shane D. Lloyd and Jennifer D. Schwartz to Zeke Topolosky and Buulinh Pham, $399,000.

SUNSET WOODS CT., 6719-Carla D. Thomas to James W. Schindler, $450,000.

TIBBITT LANE, 4923-Yahya Yasini to Buenaventura Rivas and Cristina Chicas, $395,000.

Centreville Area

ASTRID COVE, 6275-Josefa Argueta Henriquez to Laura Pacheco, $310,000.

BARREN SPRINGS CT., 13638-Leslie N. and Elizabeth H. Oliver to Robert Yancey and Benjamin Boyd, $410,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14717-Stephen D. Ritter to Simpson Tumwikirize and Eunice Mugabirwe, $339,000.

BATTALION ST., 6236-Gary S. Williams to Edin Estuardo Ramos and Perla Maritza Otilia Joya, $420,000.

BRADDOCK RIDGE DR., 5421-Andrew J. and Judy L. Forbes to Carlos D. Lopez, $610,000.

BROOKMOOR LANE, 14507-Jihoon Hwang to Millennium Associates Corp., $358,000.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6848-Douglas E. Crawley to Adil Saadoune and Alina Marie Kilpatrick, $350,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5863-Elizabeth G. Thompson and Eric Hernquist to Kenneth Munoz, $346,500.

CONNOR DR., 13403, No. T-Yuh Mei Chen to Po Fan Lee, $380,000.

COREOPSIS CT., 5490-Pulte Home Corp. to Inna V. Volyanskaya, $795,377.

CREEK RUN DR., 6569-Patricia A. Bancroft to Melissa Lucas and Michelle Landon, $509,500.

CROATAN DR., 14644-Vinod K. and Eileen B. Rustgi to Mohmmad Ismail, $435,000.

DEER HILL CT., 6067-Michael Juliano and J. Coffman to Merdith and John Grether, $344,900.

ELLICOTT CT., 5203-Robert Leborne to Mark A. Adel, $575,000.

FARMING WAY, 14602-Samadiya Ismailpour to Faustino and Christina Toscano, $452,000.

FLAG STAFF CT., 14512-James Turner to Le Ann and Nicholas Kim, $700,000.

FOUNT BEATTIE CT., 13810-Amanda A. Chancy to Matthew Kurz, $380,000.

GRANVILLE LANE, 14552-Bryan E. Laird to Michael P. Jackson and Laurie B. Ostrowski, $386,000.

GRAPE HOLLY GROVE, 14303, No. 24-Arthur Simons to Jonathan P. Hurley, $260,000.

GUNNERS PL., 13900-Kuo Hung and Yu Lien Hsu to Jesse C. and Derek J. Albert, $380,000.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 5932-Vincent A. and Lois A. Fragnito to Rachel C. Ellis, $271,500.

HAYMARKET LANE, 14827-Thomas A. and Shirley L. Matthews to Israel Rodriguez and Sheila Simpson, $385,000.

LAVENDER MIST CT., 5381-Britney Isaac, Ronald J. Williams and Carla L. Williams to Patrick S. Kirchner and Lara L. Bewley, $525,000.

MUDDY CREEK CT., 14715-Timothy A. and Alicia C. Carl to Lucia A. Cabrera, $613,800.

RIDGE WATER CT., 6866-Howard S. and Rebecca E. Graves to Reginal T. and Lori Smith, $435,000.

ROCK FOREST CT., 5819-Joel W. and Kristen P. Thomas to Gloria P. Bugay, $403,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14404-Cory D. Frisk to Young Sam Yoon, $319,900.

SAMMIE KAY LANE, 5328-Yue L. Chen and Pei S. Hsu to Rodney J. and Patricia S. Vance, $755,000.

SHARPSBURG DR., 6913-Richard W. and Diane Searles to Jorge E. and Camille Q. Sanchez, $695,900.

SHELBURNE ST., 13700-Michael Rogers to Joel K. and Marilyn Meese, $719,900.

SMITHFIELD PL., 15560-Michael F. Clayton to Christopher J. and Diane S. Mullins, $1.03 million.

SMITHWOOD DR., 14546-Kenneth Munoz and Tiffany D. Haddock to Richard Woestman, $490,000.

STILLFIELD PL., 15050-Daniel Soppet and Shirley Bethel to Steve T. and Linhlan Cao Nguyen, $769,000.

STONE MAPLE TERR., 6847-Sheila G. Tyson to Mary Redmond, $409,900.

STRATTON MAJOR CT., 15159-Salvatore J. Pinello to Keith M. and Cheryl R. Lenox, $625,000.

SUMMERLAKE WAY, 5817-Thomas W. Lehman to William L. and Sharon L. Barfield, $426,000.

TRURO PARISH CT., 14569-James R. Beyer to Steven J. Park, $350,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14358-Jason Scott Kramer to Mario A. Rosales and Dina Elizabeth Gonzales, $335,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14075-Lauren D. Lewandowski and Ryan F. Dera to Marc Evan Zoellner, $430,000.

WOODFIELD DR., 5140-John S. Craig to Jung W. and Sihun Lee, $499,900.

WOODS RUN CT., 13913-Min Kyu and Young H. Song to Ali and Malala Kaker, $400,000.

Chantilly Area

AUTUMN GLORY WAY, 4699-Francis and Christine Pascerella to Mustafa Alkaragholi and Dunia Doohi, $1.03 million.

GUMWOOD CT., 4109-Sunil and Sridevi Uppalapati to Alfredo and Florinda Castellon, $597,000.

LEIGHFIELD ST., 13821-Trang T. Nguyen to Tuan T. Nguyen and Mai N. Tran, $569,900.

LIGHTFOOT ST., 3810, No. 304-Chantilly Park Condos Corp. to Su Zan Park and Sung R. Ahn, $208,660.

LOWRY DR., 13813-Maureen Dunford to Flavio and Maricela Macias, $505,000.

SILAS HUTCHINSON DR., 4353-Daniel S. Wilhelm to Todd Burke and Mihyun Rikli, $548,900.

SPRINGHAVEN DR., 13720-Kathryn H. Day to Nink Q. Chong and K. Tuyet Anh, $479,000.

WINTER HARBOR CT., 4150, No. 125D-Sergei Chulaki and Natalia Strelkova to John Ademir and Melvin Garcia, $359,000.

Clifton Area

COMPTON HEIGHTS CIR., 6814-H. Christopher Darling and Holly V. Wilson to Carl M. and Joann Johnson, $749,000.

JASPER LANE, 13564-Kyung J. Ham to Soo Hyeon Lee, $399,900.

MALLARD WATCH WAY, 13520-Cheryl D. Looney to Patrick J. and Kwi Y. Quinn, $407,000.

QUAIL CT., 5524-Edward J. and Susan P. Austin to Wojin and Ji Hye Kim, $514,900.

Fairfax City Area

ALDER WOODS DR., 12751-Inderbir Singh and Labh Moher to Carlos Merino and Haley Siles, $1.029 million.

AMBERLEY LANE, 3206-Rodger W. and P.M. Charin to James L. and Suzanne B. Sowder, $770,000.

ANDES DR., 4340-William M. and Donna L. Sheets to Juan F. Cutolo, $410,000.

BRAEBURN DR., 4405-Barbara L. Roelofs to Wilburn T. and Rimely Strickland, $570,125.

BURNING BUSH CT., 3966-Otto F. and Anne H. Wahl to Timothy M. and Sarah Baker, $450,000.

CHRONICAL DR., 12515-Cynthia L. and William E. Glover to Vijay Taneja, $1.05 million.

DANAS CROSSING DR., 5300-Vijay and Rama Chiruvella and Charu Jain and Vinod Jain to Rafael C. and Elvira O. Santayana, $950,000.

DEER GLEN CT., 9354-Michael B. and Mary J. Leahy to Thomas A. and Anne J. Schrettner, $690,000.

ERICA HILL LANE, 12417-Susan Meyer to Frederick and Marion Buckman, $495,000.

ERICA HILL LANE, 12435-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Richard E. Tellez, $500,900.

FALMEAD RD., 5534-Ronald C. and Frances S. Kelly to Kap Sik and Kyung Sook Cho, $450,000.

FIELD LARK CT., 12313-Abdul Khalek to Jai Raj and Megan Sudha Gautam, $490,000.

FORESTDALE DR., 4669-Timothy Paul Hone to Sunok and Mark A. Pearson, $350,000.

FOX LAKE CT., 12336-E. Savannah Little to Robert B., Wendy D. and Kathryn E. Boxer, $500,000.

GREEN LEAF CT., 12112, No. 130-Amy K. Sarosdy to Robert S. and Alicia A. Kennedy, $350,000.

GUINEA RD., 5344-Wook Kwon to Eduardo J. Abril and Lira Yonee A. Jota, $560,977.

HARTWICK LANE, 3150-James F. Greene and Alison E. Jackson to Daphne A. Hawkins, $560,000.

HEATHERFORD PL., 12737-Richard A. and Joan M. Crum to Daniel L. and Carolyn M. Crum, $671,000.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12685-Diane M. Sylvester to Jong P. and Samantha K. Han, $631,000.

HOLLY AVE., 4479-Catherine J. Babuschak to Mastoora and Freshta Sarwari, $434,990.

KERRIGAN LANE, 4205-Michael J. Sivori and Carey A. Brew to Amit Nangia, $554,900.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9720, No. 101-Lili Zhang to Mi Cha Evans, $245,000.

LAWN CT., 4602-Huyen Duong to Heide Chu, $576,000.

MADONNA LANE, 13155-David and Susan Lundquist to Emaduddin and Mariam Samar, $547,000.

MIDDLE RIDGE DR., 4119-Amanullah Ghafoori to Nabijan Tursun and Muhabat Musaeva, $535,000.

NANTUCKET CT., 10305-Peter M. and Helen C. Leenhouts to John F. and Wandalynne King, $635,000.

PARSON LANE, 13116-Dong H. and Eun M. Park to Norwyn W. Lees and Cynthia M. Richter, $599,500.

PAYNES CHURCH DR., 10842-Paul E. Tabler to Christopher W. and Karen J. Baker, $599,900.

PLUM RUN CT., 3943-Ninh H. Nguyen and Phuong N. Truong to Diane Roper and Khoi Nguyen, $420,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 5120-Duc H. and Laura T. Nguyen to Michael E. and Desiree E. Hensley, $569,900.

PUMPHREY DR., 5215-Joseph F. and Mildred R. Ciolino to Xiaogaiti Abudumamuti, $560,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13156-Tru Phu Hang

to Soo Kyung Lee and Yeon W. Rhee, $489,900.

ST. PAULS PL., 3403-Richard and Naomi Geller to Bradley Y. and Raena S. Close, $770,000.

SILENT VALLEY DR., 3025-Harpreet Singh and Balvinder Kaur to Petronila Argueta Decampos, $420,000.

SUNFLOWER LANE, 11401-Candice A. and Kenneth L. Christopher to Margaret A. Matera, $535,000.

TALL PINES CT., 12220-John K. and Debra B. Kofler to Abdulkerim Alimjon, $550,000.

TEABERRY CT., 13368-Anthony E. and Josephine W. Zukas to Brenda Lillie Goers, $700,000.

TOURMALINE WAY, 2903-Trace Briarwood to Sean Minner and Roger Hanson, $975,659.

VALLEY RIDGE DR., 3947-Theresa Lee to Wayne L. and Lynne Hill, $519,000.

WHITE DAISY PL., 3107-Rex H. Hoang to Charles Luessenhop, $815,000.

Fairfax Station Area

ARGENT CIR., 8329-Daniel V. and Pamela H. Sulka to David A. and Kathryn M. Dougherty, $880,000.

BEACHPLUM DR., 7399-Yang Sun Gillis and Ki C. Yi to Thomas Yi, $653,000.

SOUTH VALLEY DR., 7504-Mary K. Doheny

to Cathy L. and Kevin J. Harrington,


THORN BUSH DR., 9796-Jonathan S. and Dinetha L. Thompson to Mark M. and Maria Supko, $1.9 million.

WOOD POINTE WAY, 9102-James R. and Lashawn B. Samuel to Lyle D. and Sharon E. Jentzer, $785,000.

Falls Church Area

BEECHWOOD LANE, 3120-David E. and Eve R. Mills to Elliot M. and Jacquie Lynn Segal, $2.125 million.

FAIRMONT ST., 3020-Rex and Jennifer Godwin to Tony and Thu Ha Nguyen, $512,000.

FAIRWOOD LANE, 7527-James R. and Jane C. Kincaid to Tseten Namgyal and Chungla Dorji, $599,000.

GRAHAM RD., 2937-Harold W. Moritz to Norma Fernandez and Cristobal Paco, $524,900.

HICKORY HILL RD., 7004-Thomas F. and Nellie L. Henry to Maria Machicao, $520,000.

KENFIG DR., 6929-Richard A. Wallace to Wilge Navor and Liliana Andrea Andrade and Ronal Juan Andrade, $565,000.

MARC DR., 7423-Frederick G. Blumer to Gregory A. and Terri L. Edwards, $569,900.

MARSHALL ST., 2901-Sharon P. Feheley to Clare L. Dattilo and Leigh N. Valudes, $552,130.

MONROE ST., 2840-Michael D. and Deborah M. Landess to Bruce Eric and Leeann MacNeil, $505,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE DR., 7756, No. 16-Paul M. Oremland to Brent A. and Carrie R. Smiley, $295,000.

SKELTON CIR., 8191-Michael S. Sarner to Anil K. Rustgi and Poonam Sehgal, $590,000.

STUART DR., 2927-Georgia C. Hecker to Jose B. Diaz, $610,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7787-Barbara J. Finn to James R. and Corinne L. Powell, $362,500.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

BARBOUR RD., 2303-Donald B. and Florence L. Weyburn to Thomas Bruno and Alexandra Strohl, $850,000.

DOMINION WAY, 2127-Steven J. and Leslie D. Feeley to Douglas E. Massey, $542,000.

ECHO PL., 2010-J. and Frances H. Goldstein to Paul R. and Janet L. Hedrick, $832,010.

HIGHBORO WAY, 2023-Janet M. Rhoads to Mark E. and Deborah K. Erwin, $615,000.

HILLSIDE DR., 1924-Tommy C. Cable and Jane A. Roberts to Barry P. Davis and Debby Jo Evans, $455,000.

KINGS GARDEN WAY, 2112-Roger D. and Amy S. Eldridge to Lisa F. and Charles R. Madden, $700,000.

KINGS MILL CT., 2127-Anil Tummalapalli and Radhika Dhall to Sumit and Sudeshna Banerjee, $605,000.

MONTIVIDEO SQ., 6813-William P. Horn to Ellen H. Ratner, $485,000.

TREVINO LANE, 7745-Guadalupe Soto to Norma Lopez, $500,000.

VIRGINIA LANE, 7800-John R. and Linda S. Carlsen to Jami L. and Bryant A. Gilbertson, $880,000.

WESTMORELAND ST., 2135-Richard M. and Deborah S. Timberlake to Mark A. and Connie A. Culp, $539,900.

Fort Belvoir Area

PARK COVE DR., 9103-Antonios and Silvia Karagkounis to Preston W. and Mum Nam Roper, $772,500.

Fort Hunt Area

CHAS AUGUSTINE DR., 8909-Tamara K. Savage to William J. Callaghan and Anne M. Larsen, $625,000.

COLLINGWOOD CT., 8211-James P. and Patricia B. Walters to Dennis R. and Paula M. Imbro, $955,000.

CULVER PL., 8521-Francis Joseph Donnelly to Henry M. Argo, $714,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 8507-James E. and Ruby J. Eckart to Farren Merele and Stephen Ross, $695,000.

RIDGECREST DR., 7710-Victoria O'Hara to Robert F. and Judy K. Heiser, $1.7 million.

Great Falls Area

JEFFERY RD., 9209-Eric and Jeanne Salzman to Christopher J. and Jamie W. Carabetta, $1.45 million.

PRESERVE CT., 1024-J.C. Lee and Grace Park to Eun Jung Yoo, $1.375 million.

THUNDERHILL CT., 9806-Stephan A. and Eleni G. Gianoplus to David F. and Susan H. Marcille, $1.05 million.

WAR ADMIRAL ST., 920-Steven J. Clarke to Anika Sooin Lee, $707,000.

Herndon Area

AVONMORE DR., 13501-Antonio D. Javonillo to Jagadeshwara Rao Kodali, Bhargavi Chukkapalli and Nagendra Babu Kodali, $509,000.

BICKSLER DR., 1113-Jack Waller and Leahetta Barlin Waller to Victor M. and Orbelina Sorto, $500,000.

BLUE HOLLY LANE, 2910-Alex H. Lim to Zuotao Li, $905,000.

BRIARGROVE CT., 13100-Joseph and Nobuko Kochuba to Joseph H. and Sara E. Ricketts, $800,000.

BROWNS MILL CT., 1306-Jack and Jian Hua Yuan to Kimthy Chao and Vannay Keo, $569,000.

CHERRY CT., 312-Oscar A. Valle Aguilar and Keni E. Santos Gutierre to Oscar Turcios, $385,000.

COATES LANE, 13506-Paul A. Lebar to Ninh Nguyen and Phuong Truong, $439,900.

COURTNEY CT., 12101-Harold J. and Patricia A. Harris to James J. and Margaret E. Joppich, $815,000.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1145-Francine Vonakis to Ryan T. Edgerley, $438,750.

EARLY FALL CT., 545-Oscar M.N. Ayala to Ernesto Edwin Vasquez, $345,000.

FLAGSHIP CT., 12708-Jason and Karen Korn to Rogerio Jacinto, $545,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 415-Mary J. Sminkey to Isaias R. Zelaya, $469,000.

FORTNIGHTLY BLVD., 106-Fortnightly Square Inc. to Justin and Marci Britt, $691,910.

FRANKLIN CORNER LANE, 3025-Jonathan P. and Bari H. Younce to Roberta J. and Paulo L. Mourao, $879,000.

GOLDEN HARVEST CT., 2502-David H. and Paulette B. Johnson to Venkateswararao and Sudharani Nekkalapudi, $485,000.

GRANT ST., 1318-Annette C. Ishee to Christopher B. and Cheryl M. Brock, $579,000.

HERMAN CT., 2206-Christopher B. and Cheryl M. Brock to Lourdes E. Gomez and Susana E. Battle, $500,000.

HUNTINGTON DR., 2566-Kevin J. and Mary F. Hasson to Paul A. and Corrine Z. Gormont, $585,000.

ISHAM RANDOLPH DR., 2521-Kumar Shahani to Paul Pagilayan, $455,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13140-Leslie S. Crabtree and Michael T. Meyer to Ho Hsi Huang, $427,500.

LOCUST ST., 815, No. 1-Robert Kelly to Craig Wiesen, $295,000.

MADISON FOREST DR., 429-Michael A. and Annette Damey to Jose and Rosa Sorto, $712,000.

MALEADY DR., 2116-Emily A. Ammons to Jose Aguirre, $502,000.

MARY ETTA LANE, 3174-Kevin F. and Linda Moehn to Joel and Cynthia Richards, $1.7 million.

MORTON MILLS LANE, 107-Gloria E. Merino to Mariana Singh, $719,900.

NATHANIEL OAKS DR., 12505-Anthony J. and Michelle A. Petronio to Prudential Residential Services, $1.38 million.

NEW PARKLAND DR., 13103-Rohina Rauf to Hector Lopez, $650,000.

OLD DOMINION AVE., 322-Gina M. Watkins to Maria C. Alberto, $505,000.

QUEENS CT., 1005-Andres Orantes to Rene A. Deras, $339,000.

QUINCY ADAMS CT., 12560-Jolynn Mohr to John M. and Janet L. Cuff, $732,000.

SAUNDERS DR., 2215-Angel W. Marquez and Irma J. Cabrera to Yanira Crespo and Jose M. Benitez, $354,000.

SHAKER WOODS RD., 1308-Ronnie B. and Barbara E. Steward to James W. and Kathleen Patrice Quigley, $770,000.

SHANNON PL., 1124-Roberto C. and Reina D. Portillo to Juan J. and Teresa Torres, $340,000.

STONE HEATHER DR., 13258-Karen A. Stark to James A. and Deborah E. Kessler, $580,000.

TAYLOE CT., 3289-Dawn M. Harder to Kevin D. and Becky A. Skillin, $389,900.

WEXFORD CT., 1319-Gabriel Nnabugwu to Nector O. Paz, $345,000.

WINTERBORNE CT., 1302-Ricardo A. Jimenez to Juan A. Yanez, $530,000.

Huntington Area

FARRINGTON AVE., 2217-John Langlois to Lei Mei, $382,000.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2626, No. 202-Hugh M., Matthew J. and Kathryn D. Kominars to Mary J. and Gregory W. Adams, $270,000.

GLENDALE TERR., 2317-Bonnie D'Alessandro to Carrie Gruenloh, $355,675.

HUNTINGTON STATION CT., 2347-Timothy P. O'Rourke to Prudential Relocation Inc., $580,000.

KINGS HWY. N., 5816-Ruby P.L. Johnson to Ivica and Amela Svalina, $395,000.

LINNEAN ST., 5520-Parker R. Adams to Marvin Gomez and Marina Del Carmen Lovo, $395,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5901, No. 504-Ruby N. Garrett to Earnest R. and Edythmae Johnston, $525,000.

Hybla Valley Area

COLLARD ST., 3203-Claude A. Egan to Douglas G. and Donna B. Lorenson, $564,250.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7609-Yili Zhang to Robert J. and Joann Molnar, $585,000.

PARSONS CT., 7216-Kathy L. Weyenberg to Marvin Rodriguez and Maria Dinora Lobo, $430,000.

PIPER LANE, 3304-Travis Gianchetta to Pedro Cruz, $480,000.

TOLLIVER ST., 7106-Lina A. Khalaf and Amjad Derdesawi to Brett W. Hysinger, $349,900.

TRAIES CT., 2206-Charles E. and Cynthia J. Spitzer to Justin E. and Darlene A. Moul, $1.05 million.

VANTAGE DR., 6916-Mark L. and Elena V. Scire to Umar Farooq, $500,000.

WHITEOAKS DR., 2202-Marc K. Dinsmore and Julie A. Campbell to Jay N. Vizgaitis and Isabel M. Fernandez, $905,000.

Lincolnia Area

HAZELTINE CT., 4508, No. A-Lisa J. Gravelle to Brianne M. and Paulette M. Bailey, $299,900.

MEDINAH LANE, 6526-Walter J. and Dorothy J. Rabe to Joann S. and Theophilus Zuniga, $419,500.

SPLIT CREEK LANE, 6244-Douglas C. and Karen L. Altizer to John T. Lewis, $625,000.

SUMMER LEAF LANE, 5397-Karen J. Moham to Leslie Gunton Douglas, $600,000.

TARTAN VISTA DR., 6550-Judith Sirignano Maresca to Stephanie V. Themsche, $525,000.

SIXTH ST., 6433-David S. Boycan and Murrin McClafferty to Luis Villarroel and Claudia Gandarillas, $750,000.

Lorton Area

BOOT CT., 6848-Patricia L. and Robert E. Howard to Ken and Claudia Trimmer and William L. Thomas, $595,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9282, No. 301-Susan I. Gresham to Clarence March and Susan Eldridge, $303,000.

CRANFORD FARM CIR., 7888-Leif G. Johnson and Patricia E. McQuistion to John H. and Jennifer K. Brundage, $619,500.

GILROY DR., 8122-K. Hovnanian Homes to Karen Pleasant, $686,846.

GOLDEN RIDGE CT., 8508-Kathryn L. Henry to Ahmad M. Masood, $335,000.

GREENE DR., 10741-Josephine F. Stallings and Jim Theakos to Douglas B. and Julie K. Scarborough, $965,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9692, No. A-Antonio Amaya to Maria Brenes, $250,000.

INVERARY CT., 9558-Rana S. Bhatti to Guillermo Rodriguez Gonzales and Maria Guadalupe Camacho Ruiz, $348,500.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LOOP, 8209-Muhammad Amin to Samuel and Patience Osardu, $660,000.

LORFAX DR., 8628-Margaret C. Gaffney to Robert Oehrlein, $330,000.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9206-Musie Tedla and Elsa Muzollo to Senait Eyob, $480,000.

MIDDLE RUDDINGS DR., 8355-Steven D. Markle to Alberto Jiovani Leiva, $700,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8742-Michael J. Blair to Alvaro and Joana Pondeca, $325,900.

McLean Area

BIRNAM WOOD DR., 8024-Marc J. and Mary A.H. Berkowitz to Margaret P. Totten and Richard Bradley Hopkins, $901,000.

BONHEIM CT., 6908-Linda L. and Rodney D. Savoia to Edward L. and Judith A. Schrock, $1.575 million.

DOGUE HILL LANE, 1000-Dennis R. Patrick to Charles and Cynthia Vance, $4.6 million.

ELNIDO DR., 6502-Mariel Nasser Galvan to Thomas W. Jackowski and Jessie M. Lovings, $778,500.

ENTERPRISE AVE., 7015-Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman and Terrell R. Johnson to Sang C. Kwon and Shin Min Ok, $812,000.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800, No. 120-Kenneth J. Nunnenkamp to Edwin and Mildred Ho, $540,000.

GOLDEN CT., 1627-Alexander J. and Hope T. Inglese to Alexander A. Inglese, $800,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 201-Pamela Price to Dario O. Marquez, $663,000.

HECTOR RD., 6931-Thomas C. and Jennifer Downs to Patricia A. Yi, $795,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 409-Francis M. and Margaret M. Snyder to Bahareh Bahador, $433,900.

LASALLE AVE., 1623-Thomas E. and Dawn J. Addison to Pajvak Kiumarsi, $610,000.

MARY ELLEN CT., 1602-William W. Jaffe to Daria, Bahiroo and Vajiheh Karimian, $555,000.

OLD TOLSON MILL RD., 1174-Mark N. and Kim K. Savit to Reza Khani, Ahmad R. Khani Tafti and Khadijeh Sarbaz, $1.1 million.

SPRING GATE DR., 1591, No. 3403-Xiaolan Pang and Guanghe Li to Kim Uyen Nguyen, $424,900.

TREMAYNE PL., 7680, No. 111-Julia A. Evans to Dorel Rosca, $370,000.

Mount Vernon Area

CLAREMONT WOODS DR., 8316-Dorothy D. Dozier to Suyapa Flores, $355,000.

COOPER ST., 8301-Denise M. Ross to Lester V. Dove, $225,000.

EL SONETA PL., 3923-Joseph C. Fleming to Keith L. Whited, $197,000.

EUBANK ST., 4812-Benjamin B. and Elizabeth S. Osborne to Felix A. Guandique and Rosa M. Merino, $450,000.

FRYE RD., 8234-Ruth A. Hendrix to Patricia Jordan Campbell, $550,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4420, No. H-Deidre Corcoran to Renee Chovanec, $232,000.

MANZANITA PL., 3854, No. 62A-Billy Darrell and Maria M. Hamilton to Vilma R. Henriquez, $292,000.

MARTHA WASHINGTON ST., 8105-Sergio and Nicolasa Rojo to Cipriano N. and Princela Flores, $550,000.

NEPTUNE DR., 4743-John T. and Linda C. Donelan to Steven L. and Karyn M. Sanderson, $905,000.

OLD MOUNT VERNON RD., 8617-Sergio Rojo to Juan Rojo, $341,000.

ROXBURY LANE, 3753-Ruth E. Smith to MFR Corp., $292,000.

TOWNE MANOR CT., 8540-Mohammed A. Hasnat and Suraiya Begum to Rose A. Armstead, $409,000.

VENOY CT., 8638-Martin K. Bioh to Antwi Nyamaah and Hagar Dwamena, $390,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8607, No. D-Maria V. Marquez to Marina C. and Fredis Cruz, $270,000.

WESSYNTON WAY, 3402-Larry W. and Judy A. Bailey to Paul S. and Monica S. Kruszka, $650,000.

North Springfield Area

FRONT ROYAL RD., 6807-Elmer A. Mijango to Dhongchai T. Jill and Orisara Thurasavin, $617,000.

GRESHAM ST., 7508-Gloria Ann Castleman to Timothy Michael O'Donnell, $360,000.

LEESTONE ST., 7001-William T. and Ramona Pegues to Angel H. Morales, $450,000.

NUTTING DR., 5418-Theresa Nguyen to Teresa N. Velez, $535,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 5348-Yuk L. and Chun K. Yu to Andreas and Sandra Tsanganelias, $460,000.

Oakton Area

ASHBROOKE CT., 10206, No. B-Matthew C. and Wendy C. Harrison to Mohamed A. Mabrouk and Iman Abouelazm, $342,000.

BRONZEDALE DR., 11465-Lai W. and Betsy H. Lee to Adam B. and Leanne Tankel, $1.04 million.

LARIAT LANE, 11711-Robert W.K. and Rosemary C. McMahon to Thomas W. and Joanna L. Greig, $655,000.

LATIGO LANE, 11917-Michael J. and Suzanne M. Wall to W. Glen and Marybeth Trible, $885,500.

LYNNHAVEN PL., 10301-Gordon G. and Mardi C. Hastings to Eden F. and Marsha V. Moura, $1.165 million.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10142-Anil and Shveta Yadav to Crystal Murphy, $285,000.

WAYLAND ST., 12106-Edward B. and Linda L. McKee to Bradford A. and Heather G. Cochrane, $685,000.

WINDSONG DR., 3118-William B. Vanvleet

to Steven R. and Ellen C. Burka, $1.635 million.

Reston Area

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1539-Mark W. and Kristine A. Thompson to Jonathan and Karina Whittle, $449,900.

CABOTS POINT LANE, 2171-James W. Chelena to Lauren Hefner, $675,000.

CAMERON HEATH DR., 1389-John M. and Nancy M. Hill to James J. and Amy T. Kilroy, $1.345 million.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11220, No. 123-Clara E. Espitia to Jorge Larrea, $273,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11248, No. 252-Anne G. Saunders to Inn Nary, $275,000.

CHURCH HILL PL., 1408-Joshua and Kelli Jordan to Diane E. Wilhelm, $455,000.

COLERAINE CT., 12345-Stanley J. and Holly A. Bailey to Constantin and Viorica Curelaru, $490,000.

COPPERSMITH SQ., 2206-Carlton L. and Gwyn C. Jones to Sandra A. Jones, $340,000.

FAIRWIND WAY, 11286-Jack L. and Cheryl A. Palmer to Susan D. and Blaine A. Fritz, $525,000.

GENERATION DR., 2372-Carmela M. Montagne to Charanjit Singh and Annie Lee, $430,000.

GLADE DR., 11176-Douglas W. Cowie to Michael J. Dorsey and Tiffany D. Degroft, $513,839.

HEADLANDS ST., 11332-Douglas M. and Ann S. Smith to Troy T. Benson, $363,500.

HOLLOW TIMBER WAY, 11424-Frances M. Clark to Andrew S. and Sandra D. Jaymes, $665,000.

HUNTER GATE WAY, 10893-Sean A. Sealey to Heidi K. and Timothy M. Wagner, $840,000.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 244-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Peter John Collis, $344,900.

RAMSTEAD LANE, 1906-Carl H. and Kathleen P. Starmann to David Nassau and Milagritos Motta Nassau, $700,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11656, No. 2B-Francois Viljoen to Feras Almsarwa and Glenn Nathan, $265,000.

TALIESIN PL., 12001, No. 35-Vernon A. Jones and Abigail Wallner to Morgan C. Spencer, $382,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1912, No. B-Joseph R. Leary to Scott Christopher Schmitt, $255,000.

WALNUT BRANCH RD., 12011-Constance B. Brines to Kevin M. and Jan M. Lanzit, $800,000.

WINDLEAF CT., 11406, No. 1-Yongun and Okcha Yi to Jaclyn L. Neham, $410,000.

WOODSTOCK LANE, 1616-Fritz H. and Judith T. Andersen to Lynn K. Purple, $780,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 321-Eric J. Owens to Melissa S. Knefel, $300,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 902-William F. Destevens to James R. Detwiler, $330,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3039, No. 3039-1-Gilberto N. and Maria D.C. Mendonca to Charles A. Buechel, $255,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3076, No. 201-Carol S. Hess to Ever A. Lopez, $195,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 1033-Joseph S. Koury to Mohammad Tehrani, $181,000.

Springfield Area

APPLECROSS LANE, 8866-James V. and Carole I. Houpt to John Crennan, $650,000.

BRIAN MICHAEL CT., 6837-Kimberly A. Willard to Mohammad K. Saleem, $412,000.

BRUNSWICK ST., 6011-T. Ronald and K. Cherry to Irineo Vargas, Claros Clotilde, Graciela N. Vargas and Roger Alba, $520,000.

CLOUD DR., 6109-Edward J. and Mary M. Brandeis to Zewdnesh Tura and Tarika Tameru, $528,000.

DEMME PL., 6349-Sheo Jha and Gitanjali Thakur to Muhammad A. Chaudhry, $529,000.

DINWIDDIE ST., 6104-David L. and Elizabeth L. Bruins to Edgar Cruz and Aurora Chariva, $516,000.

ELDER AVE., 6701-Frank H. and Jean L. Dyer to Ruben and Steven N. Blanco, $520,000.

GAMBRILL CT., 7920-Stephen G. Hollar to J. Denise Setliff, $475,000.

GODOLPHIN DR., 7896-Sohaila A. Ali to Patrocinio Ferrufino, $640,000.

GORMEL DR., 7200-Teresa Zeballos to Waldo and Lizbeth Vargas, $500,000.

GREAT LAKE LANE, 8429-Barbara J. Rice to Omar Burton, $450,000.

HICKORY RIDGE CT., 8667-Richard and Angelika Williams to Linda C. Banks, $385,000.

HIGHLAND ST., 7218-Joel A. and Miriam Cardenas to Ramiro Carlos Velez Pena, $480,000.

KATHERINE ANN LANE, 6424-Stephanie and Craig Karnis to Christiane Razafijemisa, $485,000.

LAUREN DR., 8603-Jay R. Franklin and Mary A. Hall to Dianne L. Gatto, $585,000.

MARITIME CT., 9007-Nicholas A. Patrone to Gerard A. Blankinship, $565,000.

MISTY BLUE CT., 8476-Rolando P. and Laura R. Talento to Geehee Hwang, $469,900.

PALAMINO ST., 6604-Tariq, Farrukh, Tahir and Asad Hameed to Jose Y. Urrutia, $540,000.

RIDGE OAK CT., 7423-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Judith M. Desantis, $520,000.

RUSKIN ST., 6919-Jose J. Zelaya and Alma O. Caceres to Norma Vidaurre, $495,000.

SHIPS CURVE LANE, 8179-Thomas B. and Debra E. White to Lawrence D. and Roxanne E. Garrison, $622,100.

SNOWDEN CT., 7303-Edgar and Ana V. Uriona to Joseph S. and Claude E. Nasr, $647,000.

SWEET GUM PL., 8830-Michael S. and

Tatiana M. Bowers to David A. Lenk, $474,900.

TRUE LANE, 6399-William S. and Sharon C. Johnson to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $915,000.

WILLOWDALE CT., 8102-Jessica Wagner to Valentin and Ada Valle, $370,000.

WINDFALL RD., 8311-Donna C. McMurray to Susan L. Evans, $359,900.

WREN DR., 6524-Khalilullah Ahmadi to William E. and Pamela I. Pineda, $1.3 million.

Vienna Area

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 372-Marquis at Vienna Station to Alan W. and Carolyn L. Eastham, $464,900.

CHANBOURNE WAY, 2700-Alan E. and Pamela S. Waldron to Michael J. and Suzanne M. Poole, $699,900.

COTTAGE ST., 1007-Lisa Merolla to Martin Peyruc and M. Jane Fernandez, $540,000.

GALLOWS RD., 2726, No. 510-Wilton House Apartments Corp. to Kristina S. Park, $305,900.

GALLOWS RD., 2726, No. 809-Wilton House Apartments Corp. to Hyo Jin Lee, $395,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2426, No. 233-Christina M. Ashcraft to Lidia V. and Oscar Villanueva, $325,000.

KEDGE DR., 2084-Thomas D. and Karen K. Perry to Steven A. and Carol J. Miranda, $860,000.

KNOLL ST., 445-Ana Santolalla and Patty Pino to Helio F. Souza and Patty Pino, $554,000.

LOCUST ST., 213, No. A-Marie E. Boylan to Mohammed H. Ellini, $457,500.

MANHATTAN PL., 2701-George V. Lampman to Bobby W. and Virginia W. Smart, $736,000.

MIDDLETON RIDGE RD., 9716-Mohinder I. and Harmeen Singh to William R. and Christine Gerhardt, $1.035 million.

MILL WHEEL LANE, 10100-Ronald K. and Susan D. Poulsen to Kevin M. and Rebecca T. Sheridan, $919,000.

NOORY CT., 9544-Avery E. Plavin and James M. Vadella to Seyed and Mitra Dastgheyb, $1.355 million.

OLEANDER AVE., 9807-Peter M. Steen and Jennifer R. Mann to Kien Seng Ngo and Gui Zhi Yuan, $542,500.

OTIS CT., 8601-Karen D. and William L. Goddard Rockey to V. Kirk and Alina Bennett, $725,000.

THUNDERBIRD CT., 8702-Ryan J. and Anne F. Paul to Mohit and Shalini Saran, $669,612.

WOODLAND CT., 504-Raymond and Barbara J. Acosta to Jeffrey R. Smith and Gail Marshall Smith, $858,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

SANDBURG RIDGE CT., 7990-Marilyn M. Hoyle and Frank E. Niechniedowicz to Michel G. Feghali and Jennifer L. North, $1.08 million.

West Springfield Area

ALBERTA ST., 6329-Frank R. Kuhns to Angel R. and Lilian Rodriguez, $489,900.

ARMENDOWN DR., 9043-Vikas and Namrata Pande to Emad El Hady and Nehad Bekhet, $454,900.

ENGLISH IVY WAY, 6421-Steve H. and Kyong Cha Han to Hyo Sook Yun, $435,000.

EVERETT CT., 9145-Ajaj Vankani to Nezha Alaoui, $350,000.

HOLLOW KNOLL CT., 6069-Lawrence E. Cautilli to Chanh Van Nguyen and Hang Kim Thi Vo, $399,900.

JANSEN CT., 7907-Richard W. and Jennifer D. Kemp to Karen L. Brown, $625,000.

JEWELWEED CT., 7745-R. Dennis and Pamela J. Lasley to Anwar A. Farooqui, $505,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5905, No. C-H. Ames and Deanna D. Harrison to Shervin Rasoulian and Deborah L. Grubbs, $219,500.

NANLEE DR., 8707-Douglas E. and Sandra H. Cox to Williard F. McIntyre and Mary T. Shimps, $675,000.

REXFORD CT., 5784, No. D-Mark J. Lagodich to Ajay Kumar, $254,000.

REYNARD DR., 6706-George Thomas Gitchel to Ernest J. and Sheila A. Vasquez, $609,800.

ROCKLEDGE CT., 7736-Scott R. Young to John Hodapp, $592,500.

SQUIRREL RUN CT., 7208-Scott M. and Angela M. Francis to Judd O. and Ana Liza Lacson, $460,000.

Fairfax City

The following sales were recently recorded in Fairfax City. The information was supplied to The Washington Post by the city's Real Estate Assessment Office. This list is published at least twice a month in the Fairfax Extra. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the city and elsewhere in the Washington area, visithttp://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

ASHBY PL., 10628-Karen Marcey to Aura L. and Jorge D. Duran, $350,000.

BEVAN DR., 3703-Guang Qiang Cheng to Yolanda E. and Jaime Hernandez, $680,000.

BRADWATER ST., 3871-Khadija Enniafa and Safwat R. Moharam to Denise L. and Dennis A. Bartlett, $420,000.

CAMBRIDGE CT., 3234-Margo Evans to Robin E. Hunt, $445,000.

FAIRFAX BLVD., 9461, No. 201-Steven Marc and Fernard J. Albert to Errol D. Reddick Jr., $268,990.

HAYNSWORTH PL., 3812-John Scott Peacock and Robin M. Hishiyama to Cameron Paul and Laura Jean Wilson, $679,000.

JAMES WREN WAY, 10549-Mitra M. and William W. Galt to David P. Bottimore and Alison B. Kaytes, $660,000.

LORD CULPEPER LANE, 4170-Pamela W. and Richard G. Lowery to Delia M. and James J. Swords, $650,000.

MAIN ST., 10570, No. 510-Chul Mahn Kim to Katie Kyong Nelson, $225,000.

MAPLE TRACE CIR., 9791-Mary M. and Anthony Pitrelli to Lee Won Jun and Chong Ae Shelor, $790,000.

PROVIDENCE WAY, 10523-Ki Jung and Bo Chang Seo to Erneldo Hernandez,


WARWICK AVE., 10845-Elveda L. and

Thomas R. O'Neal to Sharon L. Terrazas, $390,000.

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